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Buff Country spoke with and heard from both head coaches after Colorado's win over UNC Saturday night. We also caught up with CU players <b>Blair Wilson</b> and <b>David Harrison</b> to get their thoughts.

Northern Colorado head coach Craig Rasmuson

"I'm not going to fault our composure for the most part. I think we did go ahead and turn the ball over early in possessions that led to a lot of transition baskets which turned out to be easy baskets for them. We don't have that kind of size, and it's hard to simulate a team like Colorado. They really owned the boards tonight and their blocks were huge. I think we rebounded better in the second half, and started to chip away at them from the free throw line, but it wasn't enough. This was really our first test and I have to give a lot of credit to our kids. We had some turnovers early but I thought we stayed with them more towards the end, which made the final score a little more respectable. We couldn't answer the size of our opponent this time and our three biggest kids are hurt right now."

On Colorado's starting lineup…

"We wanted to limit Blair Wilson mostly because we wanted to be able to at least choose our own poison. It was either Blair or Michele Morandais, and we thought we could match up a little bit better against Blair. Michele ended up hurting us the most, and David Harrison ended up breaking through our double team a little more effectively than I would have liked."

On Colorado's defense…

"We had a good portion of our shots being blocked and their ability to do so is a big statement for that defense. I think if we had the chance to play against them again we probably still wouldn't win, but our guys would definitely go after it differently. That's what you have to do; you live those experiences and you find a way to make it better."

On CU center David Harrison…

"He's a pro. When we actually looked at Colorado on film we felt pretty good, because it looked like they didn't give him many touches, but they did a great job of getting him the ball tonight. I heard coach Patton's comments earlier and he mentioned that he was going to try and get David the ball more, and he did just that."

Colorado head coach Ricardo Patton

On where his team stands after having won two straight…

"I think the biggest thing that we can measure at this point is just our patience. I think we can measure that with some degree of certainty, but I don't think you can go into a season and predict the outcome. Sometimes people go into the season trying to predict the outcome. I don't think that because we lost the Kansas game that our season is over. I don't think that if we lost the Nebraska game that our season would be over. I think basketball's a long season and you kind of have to wait until the end."

On whether his team feels a sense of renewed confidence having won their last two…

"I certainly hope so. I think more than anything the Utah and Richmond losses really surprised us. I think our players went into both of those games with a high level of confidence. But you have to remember that confidence comes from doing things the right way. That's where we broke down – we'd forgotten how hard we had to play. Last year we won here but those were battles, and then this year I think our mentality was when we play at home we're supposed to win."

Colorado forward Blair Wilson

On moving onto the Big 12 season…

"The intensity just wasn't there in these last two games. We came off of Kansas, and we're really looking forward to getting the rest of the Big 12 started. It was good to have these games, but we're definitely ready to play the games that count. It's almost like these were exhibition games. The intensity level just wasn't there. People are going to forget how you play in these games, but they're going to remember how you play against Kansas and how you play against Nebraska."

CU junior center David Harrison

"It really feels good to win. It's a great feeling. Last year we had this saying, ‘fight for the feeling', and I really think we took that to heart over these last three games. Nebraska's a good team and everything, but we should beat them."

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