Dominique Brooks recently to see how things are going."> Dominique Brooks recently to see how things are going.">

Conversation with Dominique Brooks

The Colorado Buffaloes players are all in Boulder going through summer workouts and preparing for the 2004 season. Buffalo Sports News spoke with sophomore <a href="">Dominique Brooks</a> recently to see how things are going.

Brooks played in 10 games at free safety in 2004 as a true freshman. He registered 24 tackles, but, most impressively, eight of those were third-down stops — tops on the team.

The 19-year-old from Mesquite, Texas, said the Buffs are split into two workout groups this summer — a speed group and a strength group. His group, the speed group, lifts four times a week and runs five times a week under the supervision of conditioning coach Greg Finnegan and his staff.

Buffalo Sports News: How much has your speed and strength improved since coming to CU a year ago?
Dominique Brooks: It's improved a whole lot. I wasn't a big lifter in high school. I'm benching about 260. I can squat around 400.

BSN: How much were you putting up a year ago when you got here?
DB: About 225 bench, and around 330 squat.

BSN: How many players are in Boulder for workouts this summer?
DB: The whole team. Nobody's missing anything. Everybody is expecting each other to be here.

BSN: Tell me about 7 on 7's.
DB: We're doing 7-ons Monday through Thursdays. They're going pretty good. We're running the new defense and getting a better feel for it before camp starts.

BSN: Tell me about the new defense. What's your impression of it after running it this spring?
DB: I like it. It's kind of the same defense I ran in high school. It's a basic three linebacker look. A lot of zone. It's good.

There's not very many holes in it. Last year, we gave up a lot of long balls. We won't give up a lot of long balls in this defense.

BSN: You played free safety last year, and now you've moved to strong safety. What's the difference between the two?
DB: Nothing really.

BSN: You came from a pretty good secondary at North Mesquite. Do you keep up with those guys?
DB: Yeah, as a matter of fact I talked to Tarell Brown today. He's starting at left corner down at Texas. My other boy, Darien Williams, he's in the two-deep at Oklahoma at corner, I think. He redshirted last year. Tarell's coming to Boulder in October. I'm looking forward to that game.

BSN: Colorado has a lot of Texas guys and a lot of California guys on the team. What's the basic difference between the Texas and California guys?
DB: Texas guys, I'd say we're a lot more country than the California guys. There used to be a big California-Texas (high school all-star game), and they always say they used to win. There's a lot of talk.

BSN: What are your impressions of your new coach, Coach Bray?
DB: I like Coach Bray, he seems like a pretty good guy. He's a straightforward guy.

BSN: Which players on defense might surprise some people this fall?
DB: Brian Iwuh is looking excellent. He's the man on defense. Also, James Garee and Vaka Manupuna are looking good. Pretty much everybody, though, is looking good.

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