Coach's Corner: Ron Tesone

Jeremy Hauck will be a two-way starter for coach Ron Tesone's Niwot Cougars this fall. Last week, the 6-4, 260-pound Hauck made a verbal commitment to play for the Buffs, the second known commitment in the 2005 class. BSN caught up with Tesone to talk about Hauck, who projects as either an offensive lineman or defensive tackle in college.

Buffalo Sports News: What kind of kid has Jeremy been for you the past few years?
Ron Tesone: He's a fabulous kid. His work ethic is great, and he has all the intangibles. Not only is he gifted, but he's a smart, bright kid. He's never been a problem for the program – he's been a stalwart for the program. I'm really looking forward to his senior year.

He's added a lot of intensity to the positions he's playing. He'll be an anchor on both sides of the ball for us this year.

BSN: What positions has he played, and what will he play in the fall?
RT: He will definitely be a two-way starter at offensive tackle, probably on the left side. And strong tackle on defense where he started last year. He was second-team all-conference. He very easily could have been first team.

He got significant time his sophomore year as well, and then he really grew last year. This year, in the offseason, he's really exploded. On top of his quick feet, he's added tons of muscle weight. CU liked what they've seen of him over the progression. He's been doing their elite conditioning camp.

There's a lot more kids that are 6-feet, 260 pounds than there are who are 6-4, 260 pounds. At this level (D-I college), that's what you need. They think he's going to make a great DI- player with his leverage and is size and skill and his feet.

BSN: What weight did he play at last season?
RT: He was about in the 230-235 range.

BSN: And now he's around 260?
RT: Yeah, and he looks really solid. Give him a year in a collegiate program and that'll be 280 with more mass muscle. And I don't see him missing a step. He's gotten very strong and he's throwing a lot of weight around in the weightroom. He's pretty impressive.

BSN: When did you become aware that Shawn Watson had his eye on him?
RT: You know, you hear things, and I coach Shawn's kids as well. I started hearing some things probably about a month ago, when CU had their high school camp. I think just prior to that they were really excited to see him in camp. And then once he actually went through the camp, that's when I started to hear some things.

BSN: And you said he's started to get some other interest recently?
RT: I'm not sure all of them, but I know K-State was interested and liked him. The other Big 12 school's I'm not sure about, but I know CSU had high interest in him as well, and Wyoming. But once the offer came to him from CU, that was all a moot point.

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