Barnett had private support of peers

Like most college coaches this time of year, Colorado head coach Gary Barnett has begun doing interviews with various media outlets as the start of college football practice is right around the corner. The following is a transcript from an interview he did with Tim Brando on The Sporting News Radio.

Gary Barnett on Katie Hnida statements
"My statements that day were basically what brought on the suspension. I answered a question; it was the 29th question of the particular session. I answered it in a way that was obviously insensitive, but it got played back as a response to a separate question. That created everything that pretty much happened to me.

It was what it was, and I think personally, for me, my family, we learned a lot from the process and we'll continue to learn. As I go on in my life and career, I'll have a wealth of information to draw upon that maybe some other people don't have, and hopefully it will help me down the road or provide me a way to help someone else."

On getting back into the normal routine
"It really hasn't been that difficult because (assistant coaches Brian Cabral, Shawn Watson, Mike Hankwitz) and our players kept everything going. I don't think we lost anything, any momentum. We kept pretty much in sync. I don't think we're behind. For me, it's just plugging back in and getting back into the swing of things. It hasn't been a problem at all."

On the lack of public support he received publicly from other coaches
"They may not have done a lot publicly, but privately many of the guys in Division I and across the country either dropped notes or made calls or sent me emails. And really, if it hadn't been for as many guys that came out in my defense or support for me, it would have been very difficult to get through all of it.

One of the reasons is I know (Florida State coach Bobby Bowden made public comments in my support) and he got trounced. It was a lot easier, a lot better and probably meant more for them to come privately, send me notes and do things the way they did. It really did mean a lot to me, and I did have a great deal of support from peers as the time went on."

On how he returns Colorado football where it needs to be
"You go back and you look at the things that you based your program on: the character of your players, your coaches, what you've based your career on. You keep doing those things. It's a day-by-day thing. It's not anything that you're going to accomplish overnight. I think just being consistent, being who you are, who you claim to be — and make sure your claims are the right claims; they have to do with the right things. We're going to try and do it day-by-day and not overnight."

On Jeremy Bloom and Mike Williams possibly getting to play college football again
"If both those guys are somehow granted the opportunity to play again, (that means) the whole face is changing as to how (the NCAA) handle these situations, and now there is going to be more flexibility. To some extent we all want more flexibility and then sometimes we all want to go back and make it stiffer. They're in a bind; it's a tough situation for the NCAA."

On preparing for the tough Big 12 schedule
"If there's ever been a team that can take on the theme of ‘us against the world‚' it's going to be us this year, because we've felt like we've had the world watching us or scrutinizing us or criticizing us for six months.

But I think you have to be careful with that. That motivation only takes you so far. I think what's important is how close your kids get and your team gets, how committed they are, how hard they're willing to work."

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