Colorado Remains In The Hunt For Rose Bowl

So what does beating #1 Nebraska 62-36 and winning the Big 12 Title get you in the mind of college football coaches? <p> How about a #5 ranking, one spot behind NU, in their ridiculous poll.<p> Basically what the coaches are saying is that head-to-head competition and winning your conference title game means nothing and should have no impact on the National Championship.<p> If that's the case, why play a title game in the first place?

Ask Texas. What did they gain from playing in the Big 12 title game? More Simms/Applewhite controversey and an invitation to the wrong bowl in California.

"If a team goes and plays for the national championship and didn't make it to the league championship game, what does it say about our league and the importance of that championship", said CU coach Gary Barnett Monday. I'll tell you what it says. It says that they are playing the game for only one reason, more money.

But shouldn't Colorado be rewarded for beating the Cornhuskers to win their division and gain a berth in the title game and then beating the #3 ranked Longhorns in that game? Apparently not.

Both the coaches and the BCS polls have CU behind the team they set a record against for scoring 62 points. The only sane poll, the AP, has the Buffs where they should be, ahead of the Cornhuskers. But it really doesn't matter because the BCS standings will decide who plays in the Rose Bowl.

The only way CU could slip into the title game is if:

- Tennessee loses to LSU in the SEC Title Game

(Another worthless title game)

- The AP and coaches poll would have to rank CU ahead of Nebraska and the Buffs would have to hope that the BCS computer pushes them ahead of NU.

So that's what selecting the title game participants has come down to, a computer and a popularity contest between coaches.

"If I was sitting on the outside and not a voter and not involved, it'd be hard for me to put a team that had 62 points scored on them ahead of the team that scored those points", Head Coach Gary Barnett said.

Hmmm, maybe some coaches needed that rational to get it. In a strange season and a nightmare season for the BCS, anything can happen.

But for Colorado, it all starts with a Tennessee loss and some coaches coming to their senses.

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