Colorado Holds One-Day Camp: Full Report

Approximately 80 players were in attendance this weekend at the University of Colorado one-day camp. Buffalo Sports News was on the spot to evaluate the talent, get pictures, and player interviews. We caught up with <b>Maurice Lucas</b>, <b>Grant Crunkleton</b>, <b>Brian Wiedeman</b>, <b>Richard Pacheco</b>, and <b>Devin Head</b> for their thoughts and pictures.

Overall Impressions:

The talent level at this camp was the best it's been in a few years. Last year's camp was devoid of big time Division One prospects, this year's session featured quite a few top-tier players. For those of you who have never attended such a camp, here's a rough itinerary of what happened:

The recruit and their parents meet at Dal Ward and listen to speeches and an introduction from the coaching staff. According to one of the parents I spoke with, CU placed quite a bit of emphasis on stressing the role of academics in the life of a CU student-athlete. As this parent told me, "They talked a lot more about academics than any other school we've visited."

The recruits then head to Folsom Field for a battery of tests and drills, including the shuttle, vertical jump, and 40-yard dash. It has to be an extremely nerve-wracking experience for the players to run a 40 with the entire CU coaching staff watching their every move.

The recruits are then lead down to the practice fields where they engage in drills with their respective position coaches. This is followed by matchups against their defensive counterparts (ie, WR v. DBs; OL v DL).

Finally, the recruits were led back to Folsom, where they were giving a tour of the new luxury suits and heard some final words from Coach Barnett.

The CU Commits:

Maurice Lucas
Both players currently committed to CU looked extremely impressive at the camp this weekend. Maurice Lucas made a case for being one of, if not the, best player in the state. Lucas looks the part as well. He is big and strong, and moves with amazing agility. He looked dominant in the one-on-one drills. CU got a great catch in Lucas.

Jeremy Hauck had quite an impressive camp as well. Hauck is huge, and showed great footwork during the drills with Coach Borbely and Coach Wilson. CU definitely got a steal in landing the Niwot star.

The Other Stars of the Camp:

Richard Pacheco

Some other players who really stood out the camp include a pair of linemen, Richard Pacheco and Devin Head. Pacheco is a weight room warrior, and his strength was readily apparent as he threw around a host of defensive lineman. We caught up with Pacheco after the camp to get his thoughts. "I like it a lot out here. I enjoyed the camp a lot." Pacheco currently has an offer from Fresno State, and is being recruited heavily by Arizona State. Pacheco is also hearing from Cal, CU, Oregon State, CSU and recently has received quite a bit of attention from Nebraska. Nebraska told him he's better suited to play center at the collegiate level. Coach Matt Lubick from CSU was lobbying Pacheco heavily to attend the CSU camp last weekend, but prior commitments kept him from attending.

Devin Head
The other lineman who really stood out at the camp was Devin Head, the monster OL from Corona, California. Pacheco, Head and Hauck formed quite a trio during the OL drills. Head indicated that he really enjoyed the camp and the area. Head is being recruited by Oregon and a host of other West Coast schools. For Devin, academics will play a big role in the recruiting process. Head took an unofficial to CU earlier in the year, and tried to speak with as many players as possible, to get a true feel for how life is as a CU athlete. The responses must have been positive, as Head is still seriously looking at the Buffs.

Brian Wiedeman

Other players who really stood out include TE Sam Zimmerer, who showed both speed and strength during camp drills. A set of QBs looked extremely impressive, including Greeley West's own Brian Wiedeman. We caught up with Brian after the camp, and were shocked to hear that he performed at the camp with a case of mono. Despite his ailment, Wiedeman looked strong at the camp, showing precision in passing drills and athleticism in the agility drills. Brian told us CU wants to speak with him Wednesday to talk about recruiting and where he stands. TE Ryan Cerise looked like a serious D1 prospects during the camp, and surely improved his stock. When asked how he thought he performed, Ryan told the BSN, "I think I did real well, but it's all up to the coaches to decide." RB Nick Weber showed why he already holds a D1 offer (Air Force). Weber showed blazing speed as well as the ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations. Despite playing in a run-based offense, Weber showed great hands out the backfield.

The MVP:

Grant Crunkleton

This year's winner of the BSN MVP of the Camp Award is Denver Mullen's Grant Crunkleton. Simply put, Grant was amazing. He was one of the fastest players at the camp, and excelled at every agility drill he was put through. During the passing drills, there was no one on the field who could matchup with Grant. He's fast, he's quick, he's talented, he's a player the Buffs need to land. We caught up with Grant after the camp. When asked to rate his performance, Grant indicated, "I think I did real well. It was a good camp." Where do the Buffs stand with this talented in-state athlete, "CU is up there."

After watching Grant's performance at the camp, let's hope so..

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