Buffs to Open Preseason Practices

For the first time since 1998, Colorado will open its August, preseason practices to the public and media, beginning Tuesday. The move comes on the heels of immense public scrutiny surrounding the program over the past several months. Follow the link for a tentative practice schedule.

Head coach Gary Barnett closed practices when he came to CU in 1999.

"We're opening our preseason practices to the public to allow more people to see up close the quality of young people and the depth of support that is evident at CU," Barnett said in a press release Thursday. "At the same time, it allows our fans a chance to get a better look at the team and add to their excitement for the upcoming season."

The team convenes Sunday, then will partake in a private full-squad practice Monday. Beginning Tuesday, practices will be open. Most of the preseason practices will take place at the practice fields below the stadium, but a handful may be conducted at Folsom Field.

Guidelines for the practices will include: free admission; cell phones must be either turned off or in vibrate mode, no lawn chairs or umbrellas are permitted, and no video cameras (credentialed media are allowed to video the first 20 minutes). Limited concession items will be available, but fans can also bring individual food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Rosters will be available, along with information to order season and single-game tickets. For weekend practices, some parking is available in Lot 169 adjacent to the practice fields, but for weekdays sessions before 5:00, parking is limited and fans may have to park off-campus and walk to the fields.

Practices that are open to the public are listed as follows (times are subject to change; *—denotes practice in pads):

AUGUST 10— Meetings, Practice (4:00-6:45)
AUGUST 11— Meetings, Practice (4:00-6:45)
AUGUST 12— Meetings, Practice (4:00-6:45)
AUGUST 13— Meetings, Practice (4:00-6:45*)
AUGUST 14— Two-A-Day Practices (8:00-10:45*, 4:00-6:30)
AUGUST 15— Meetings, Practice (4:00-6:45*)
AUGUST 16— Meetings, Practice (4:00-6:45*)
AUGUST 17— Two-A-Day Practices (8:00-10:45*, 4:00-6:30)
AUGUST 18— Meetings, Practice (4:00-6:30*)
AUGUST 19— Two-A-Day Practices (8:00-10:45*, 4:00-6:30)
AUGUST 20— Meetings, Practice (4:00-6:30*)
AUGUST 21— Meetings, Practice (scrimmage 3:30-6:00*)
AUGUST 22— Team day off (evening meeting)
AUGUST 23— Meetings, Practice (3:30-6:00*)
AUGUST 24— Meetings, Practice (3:30-6:00*)
AUGUST 25— Meetings, Practice (3:30-6:00*)
AUGUST 26— Meetings, Practice (3:30-6:00*)
AUGUST 27— Meetings, Practice (scrimmage, 3:30-6:00*)

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