Buffs Win The Battle But Lose The War

When the computer geeks in the Bowl Championship Series made their final tabulations, the Colorado Buffaloes were .05 away from playing in the Rose Bowl for the National Championship.

On Sunday, the B(c)S put the Nebraska Cornhuskers at #2 with a 7.23 rating and Colorado #3 with a 7.28 rating. With that, the Huskers got the nod to play in the Rose Bowl and Colorado will travel to Tempe, Arizona to play in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Buffs will face the #4 rated Oregon Ducks, champions of the Pac-10 conference, on January 1st at 2:30 pm MT. Both CU and Oregon have the right to complain becuase they both won their conference championships and Nebraska did not.

CU could also make an arguement that the head-to-head aspect of the BCS favors the Buffs after they embarrassed the Huskers 62-36. Colorado Coach Gary Barnett was visually ticked off when he appeared on the BCS announcement show on ABC.

"A couple of things that I don't think were considered strongly enough is that we beat 5 ranked teams and nobody else can claim that. Miami beat four and Nebraska only beat two", Barnett said. "The other thing is we beat Nebraska". The real killer for Colorado though was the fact they had two loses compared to Nebraska's one. Still, with this decision, the BCS has made it clear that the conference championship games mean absolutely nothing.

Colorado, Oregon, Maryland and Illinois all won their respected conferences, but it did not get them to the National Championship game. Nebraska, who didn't even play for the conference title game, are going to play Miami in the Rose Bowl.

Now CU fans have to decide if the like their team more than they dis-like their rival.

Colorado could still get a share of the National Championship if they beat Oregon convincingly and the Huskers beat Miami. They would then need the writers in the AP poll to rank them above the Huskers. It is a long shot, but it still could happen.

Apparently 62 points compared to 36 points mean nothing to the B(c)S computers.

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