10 Questions: Jordon Dizon

The unlikely rise of <!--Default NodeId For Jordon Dizon is 1397314,2004--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:1397314]><b>Jordon Dizon</A> </b>has been the story of August camp. The freshman linebacker was listed No. 1 on the depth chart that was released Monday. Even if that changes before the CSU game, fans can expect to see a lot of the player from <!--Default For Hawaii is to ignore-->Hawaii this season as he's impressed coaches and teammates with his play on the field. Here are 10 Questions with Dizon.

Question: Which game are you most looking forward to and why?
Jordon Dizon: I'm looking forward to playing the first game because you get the feel of what the game is like and the atmosphere of a Division I game.

Q: What's your favorite thing about Boulder so far?
JD: My favorite thing about Boulder is the players. They help me a lot. The coaches, they pick me up when I do something wrong. They give me so much confidence going into practice. They're picking me up instead of putting me down.

Being a part of the Buffaloes is a great feeling for me. I never dreamed in my wildest dreams of being here playing D-1 with this bunch of great guys. I love them.

Q: What do you miss most about home so far?
JD: The food. The food is good in Hawaii.

Q: If you were going to take one of your teammates home to Hawaii, what kind of food would you introduce them to?
JD: Some Kalua Pig, lau lau, smoked meat, ahi, mahi mahi. You name it.

Q: What are those first two things you mentioned?
JD: Kalua Pig. First you heat up some rocks, then you dig a hole in the ground and put the rocks and some Hawaiian plants in. Then you put the pig in there and cover it up. Ten hours later you dig it up and there's your pig, nice and cooked.

And we've got the lau lau. It's like a pork thing covered in ti leaves and spinach. It's good.

The food is different from over here. We don't eat potatoes, we eat rice with everything — breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Q: What did Coach Cabral say to you about being No. 1 on the newest depth chart?
JD: He announced that there's no starters. The depth chart means nothing right now. We just have to take it day by day. There's a lot of competition. Akarika is a great player. He's the one who inspires me the most because he plays hard, and it makes me want to play harder.

Q: Which running back have you least liked to tackle in practice so far?
JD: Tackling is not bad. It's the lead blocks that come. And Lawrence Vickers brings it. He's just one tough guy. You better brace yourself once he's coming in that hole.

Q: Why did you choose Colorado?
JD: I came here a couple years for camp and I loved Coach Cabral. And I loved the atmosphere and the environment, and Coach Barnett.

Q: What does your mom do for a living. I heard she jumps out of planes or something?
JD: My mom's a narcotics officer. (For 18 years). She hangs off of helicopters and all this other stuff. Sometimes there's some down sides to it. Sometimes she's gone 18 hours a day. But it's a good job for her. She likes it.

Q: You had the first day of classes Monday. Are you looking forward to that aspect of things?
JD: Definitely. To be in college, you hope for this moment your whole life. Especially where I come from. Maybe 20 percent go to college and actually stay. I just want to prove to the Hawaii people that we can make it out here because a lot of people (back home) think they can't make it out here. They don't know what kind of talents they have because they're so isolated. I'm really excited to go to college. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

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