A Conversation with Daniels and McChesney

One of the fun parts of being able to attend preseason practices has been being able to watch <!--Default NodeId For Matt McChesney is 1223485,2004--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:1223485]>Matt McChesney</A> and <!--Default NodeId For Brian Daniels is 1221199,2004--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:1221199]>Brian Daniels</A> go at it every day. BSN spoke with the pair together after Thursday's session.

Question: Which game are you most looking forward to play, and why?
Brian Daniels: I'm just going to take them one at a time. But CSU is going to be big. It's at home, and because of the rivalry, it's going to be a lot of fun. So I'm really looking forward to the first game.

Matt McChesney:This one. This one upcoming against CSU. First of all because it's the first one. Because they don't like us and we don't like them. And they have to come to our house. And because it's been about eight months since we've been able to hit anybody other than ourselves.

Q: Do you prefer to play it at Invesco, or at here at Folsom?
Daniels: I think it'll be fun here. Our crowd's going to outnumber their crowd, so it's going to be a good environment for us. This is a good place to play a game.

McChesney:Yeah, I want ‘em to come to our house. Mile High is awesome, it's a great experience to play there. But a home game is supposed to be a home game. And this is our house. So they can come down from Fort Collins and play us where we play every day.

Q: Give me a scouting report on Brian Daniels.
McChesney: Real hard off the ball. He comes at you every play. One of the strongest players I've ever played against. I don't like playing against him sometimes; he really makes me angry in moments. But at the same time he makes me a better player every day.

Q: What does he do that makes you angry?
McChesney: He holds. He holds and he steps on my feet all the time!

Q: Scouting report on McChesney?
Daniels: He's a guy whose motor's running all the time. You can't take a play off or you'll get embarrassed or get knocked over. He's a guy that comes off the ball hard. We go each other every day and we make each other better. We're like the same people; we come at each other hard 100 percent every day.

Q: In general, how has the defensive line been looking?
Daniels: Very good. They're quick and strong and powerful. Our O-line's got to go 100 percent every day just to keep up with them. So we're making each other better.

Q: Same question about the offensive line. How have they been looking?
McChesney: There's no comparison to last year. Last year it was a bunch of guys just kind of thrown together that hadn't played together. Now they've got a whole spring under their belt. And they come off the ball so hard every day. It's every play. They know their checks, they know their reads. They're playing as a unit, not just as five individuals. I think there's great things about to happen.

Q: Who's the toughest opponent you've had to face, not on the Buffs?
McChesney: The big tackle from Florida State we played last year. A preseason all-American (Alex Barron). He was real good. Him and the center at K-State, Mike Johnson. I played in the all-state game with him. We graduated from high school the same year and I've known him a long time. He's a real good player. I'm looking forward to that game just so I can go bang heads with him.

Daniels: I'd say Tommie Harris (Oklahoma) and Darnell Dockett (Florida State). Harris, it was hard to play as a freshman against him. And my first start against Darnell Dockett, that was a tough one too.

Q: Give me a guy on the Colorado defense that's going to surprise people this year.
Daniels: There's so many to choose from. We've got Brian Iwuh, Jordon Dizon, our whole D-line. It's hard to choose one because everybody's playing so hard and so fast. I hope they all come out and just destroy people.

Q: Same question about the offense.
McChesney: Tyler Littlehales. Everything they throw, the kid catches. And he runs great routes. And just about everybody. No one's giving us a chance, so we're going to surprise people.

Q: What about that? All the preseason magazines and prognosticators, even as recent as this week, are picking you — at the best — fourth in the North. What do you think about that?
McChesney: Preseason doesn't mean a damn thing. It's before anybody's laced up or put on a helmet. Preseason rankings, we're not focusing on them. All we're focused on is coming out here and getting better every day.

Daniels: Yeah, like Chez said, we're going to come out and show ourselves in November, December and January.

McChesney: My freshman year we went 3-8. The next year we came back and won the Big 12. That preseason we were picked 5th in the North. That was pretty much the same team (as the 2000 team), and we've got pretty much the same team as last year. We have high expectations, and we're not going to stop until we meet those expectations.

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