Greeley West Thrashes Skyview, 44-7

Greeley West was 8-3 last season, losing in the first round of the 4A state playoffs. They opened the season with a 41-6 loss to Dakota Ridge. Skyview was 6-5 last season, advancing to the first round of the 3A state playoffs. They started the season with a 28-0 loss to Alameda. The two met on Saturday in a game that <b>Brian Wiedeman</b> and <b>Jacob Pottorff</b> showed well in.

Skyview had a successful run last season, advancing to the playoffs in Class 3A. They hoped to use the momentum gained from last year's season to propel them to competitiveness in the Class 4A ranks. If this game is any indication, Skyview is going to have a long, long inaugural season in 4A.

The Wolverines were outmanned in every aspect of the game in route to a 44-7 thrashing by Greeley West. This game was not even as close as the score indicated. Greeley West ran, passed and did whatever else they wanted against the outclassed Skyview Wolverines.

The Prospects

It's hard not to look spectacular when your team is thrashing the opposition. However, despite an impressive statistical output, my overall impressions of QB Brian Wiedeman were lukewarm. Wiedeman definitely has the athleticism that's prompted the on-again, off-again courtship by the Buffaloes. During the few times when Skyview actually managed a pass rush, Weideman showed good speed and escapability. He has the ability to elude pass rushers and avoid potential sacks. Weideman also showed that he's not afraid to block for his teammates, throwing his body around at will. The concerns I have with Weideman are with his passing ability. His receivers were going against undersized, undermanned defensive backs all afternoon. However, with little defensive pressure being placed on the wideouts, Weideman had trouble connecting at times. A few underthrows and overthrows. The question then begs asking, "What about recruiting Weideman for another position?" I reflect on the performance of Riar Geer in week one, another quarterback who is going to play another position in college. Geer absolutely took over the game. He made his presence felt all over the field. With Weideman, this was not necessarily the case. Weideman is a solid athlete, and one I'm sure will get some D1 attention.

A player who did take over the game was CSU commit Jacob Pottorff (6-3, 230). Pottorf lined up at both linebacker and fullback. Pottorff is a tremendous physical specimen, with the speed and agility to match. The Spartans were bringing Pottorff on a linebacker blitz through most of the first half. Skyview made line adjustments in an attempt to double-team Pottorff, and at times triple-teamed him with the help of a fullback. It didn't matter how many players Skyview lined up in front of him, Pottorf still managed to make a play. He was in the Skyview backfield the entire game. Pottorff also showed the ability to drop back into pass coverage. On the offensive side of the ball, Pottorff was near impossible to stop. The times when Skyview would make contact with him at the line of scrimmage, Pottorff would use his strength to drag the tacklers for 4-5 yards after contact. He also showed tremendous blocking, doing a great job of holding his blocks. Pottorf had a couple of open field breakaways. Once he got momentum going, there was no way to stop this big man. The phrase "man among boys" was never more appropriate than this Saturday. CSU got a very good pickup in Jacob Pottorff. With performances like the one he had Saturday, I suspect his phone will continue to keep ringing as teams try and pry him away from the Rams.

Some other players who caught my attention include: Greeley West lineman Juan Puga. This kid is a monster on the line, disrupting plays at will. He's big and strong. I look for him to possibly get some recruiting sniffs; WR/DB Alex Archuleta was one of the few bright spots for Skyview, showing solid speed and agility.

Note: The thumbs down award goes to the Skyview timekeeper, who performed as if he'd never seen a high school football game before. The timekeeper stopped the clock after ever single play in the first quarter, even when the clock was not supposed to be stopped. The ineptitude of the timekeeper resulted in a first quarter which lasted 57 long minutes. When you're team is outmanned, and getting slaughtered, the last thing you need is your timekeeper extending the game.

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