'Brad Smith'<br> The Interview

During his quarterbacking days at Foothill High School, <!--Default For Colorado is to ignore-->Colorado safety <!--Default NodeId For Charlie Sherman is 1397393,2004--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:1397393]>Charlie Sherman</A> was known to many as White Lighning, aka White Vick, aka Sacramento Vick, aka The Shermanator. This week, teammates are calling him <!--Default NodeId For Brad Smith is 1336316,2004--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:1336316]>Brad Smith</A>.

Sherman was a prolific dual-threat quarterback for Sacramento's Foothill High for three years, racking up 1,180 yards rushing and 650 yards passing as a senior.

Since the beginning of preseason practices, the true freshman has been playing safety for the Buffs.

However, the CU coaches approached him last Monday and asked Sherman to remember back to his high school days and do his best Brad Smith imitation. He's been serving as scout team quarterback for the two weeks leading up to Saturday's game against the versatile Smith and the Missouri Tigers.

Q: How has it been going playing scout team quarterback?
Charlie Sherman:
I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job imitating Brad Smith. And the defense is doing a good job of picking me up and not letting me get away from them. The first couple of days, it wasn't so good, but now they've really picked it up.

Q: What have you had to do to play scout team quarterback?
I had to start throwing again. I've had to learn how to ride the running back again. I've tried as hard as I can to do my best and give them a good look.

Q: Drawing on your experience as a quarterback in high school, and now playing on the defensive side of the ball. What's the key to stopping a quarterback like Brad Smith?
Don't break down on your tackles; don't over pursue him because he's a shifty guy and he'll run right by you if you over pursue. And always look for the cutback with this team, because they're a cutback team.

Q: In general, what's been the biggest adjustment for you over the past couple months?
The speed of the game; the intensity. I love it here. It's a big change from high school.

Q: How are you enjoying playing safety?
It's a new experience for me. It's my first time on defense. But I'm adapting; I like it a lot.

Q: What are you learning from Coach Bray?
Coach Bray is a great coach. I'm learning a lot from him. Like how to cover. I've never covered before. He's teaching me the basics, the fundamentals, all the coverages, all the defensive tricks.

Q: How's Boulder treating you?
I love college life. Living on your own, you have to arrange your own schedule. You don't have mom and dad there to do it for you.

Q: You had the nickname White Lightning in high school?
I had a lot of nicknames. White Lightning, White Vick, The Shermanator, The Sacramento Vick.

Q: Do you have any here yet?
No. Maybe White Vick. And people call me Brad Smith this week.

Q: What's your favorite thing about being a Colorado Buffalo?
It's just an honor to be a Buffalo. There's a lot of history to this school, and I'm just proud to be a part of it. I love the coaches, I love the players, the fans. And I love everything about Boulder.


Buffs Practice Through the Rain
After taking Sunday off, the Buffs got back to the practice fields Monday, preparing for Saturday's game at Missouri. A heavy rain storm dumped water for an extended period of time during the practice, and it had an effect on things.

"It was a little sloppy between the rain and the new stuff that we put in," said head coach Gary Barnett. "Fortunately, it was a Monday and we've still got three days to hone in."

Creighton Pulling Double Duty
With senior tight end Quinn Sypniewski out with a broken ankle, probably through the end of October, fullback Paul Creighton will see some time at his old position.

Creighton, a sophomore, played two years at tight end before moving to fullback this past spring. He could see time at both positions vs. Missouri.

On Brad Smith
The Missouri quarterback received a ton of preseason hype. That and his dual-threat talents make him a daily question by reporters covering CU during Missouri game week.

On Monday, when asked if Smith is as good as he's seen, Barnett said: "It's hard to put one above everybody else. But he goes into that category of player that you watch and you respect. He goes into the great player, great athlete category."

Injury Updates
Safety J.J. Billingsley (knee) looked better than he did Saturday, and will probably be available for Saturday's game. However, after sitting out prior to the UNT game, he's not back in football shape yet.

Linebacker Chris Hollis will not play Saturday, according to Barnett. He has been recovering from foot surgery and saw his first action of the year vs. UNT. A sprained neck he suffered in practice will keep him out of the Missouri game.

The following players are out for the year: WR Patrick Williams (broken hands), S Ryan Walters (hand), CB Vance Washington, (shoulder), PK J.T. Eberly (Achilles), OLB Chad Cusworth (ACL). The rest and their status for Missouri: OUT — RB Brandon Caesar (knee), TE Quinn Sypniewski (broken ankle), WR Bernard Jackson (elbow), LB Chris Hollis (foot); PROBABLE — LB Brian Iwuh, S J.J. Billingsley, DT Brandon Dabdoub.

Recruiting Tidbits
None of the self-imposed restrictions Colorado came up with in March have yet been changed or removed, according to Barnett.

It was stated all along that players could come on official visits on game day under "extraordinary circumstances approved by the chancellor." So far, CU has hosted no one on an official visit. However, several prospects have been at the first two home games on unofficial visits.

The football team is trying to get an OK from the chancellor to allow official visits by prospects already verbally committed to CU. At this point, Colorado has four known verbal commitments.

Last year, CU had 22 official visitors on game days, 17 the year before. Barnett said he didn't know if the Buffs would use up its entire allotment of 56 official visits before Signing Day 2005.

At this point, it looks as though CU will have between 16 and 18 scholarships to give for the 2005 class, depending on if any walk-ons are granted scholarships after this semester or not.

As CU continues to recruit prospects through the fall and winter, two things top the team's priority list: Offensive linemen and speed.

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