Barnett Makes First Statement About Investigation

After two weeks of information gathering, Coach Gary Barnett made his first statement concerning the sexual-assult investigation.


BOULDER - University of Colorado head football coach released this statement

Friday afternoon regarding allegations of a sexual assault that have been

reported to involve members of his football program:

"In the spirit of total cooperation, and no one knowing how long the

investigation will take, I want the following to be known.

"Only one player who has played any degree of regularity for our team this

season has been intimated in the allegations that surfaced two weeks ago

concerning a sexual assault.  That student-athlete submitted to a voluntary

polygraph examination by a reputable private polygraph examiner who has over

30 years experience in the FBI.  The results indicate that the

student-athlete was not complicit in this alleged activity. 

"We will continue to cooperate to the fullest extent possible with local


Barnett was made aware of the results of the polygraph Friday afternoon,

thus the reason he did not address this subject earlier in the day at CU's

Fiesta Bowl media session.

In other Buff news, Barnett should make it known sometime this weekend on who

will get the start at quarterback.  Now that Craig Ochs is healthy again, Barnett

opened up the quarterback competition eventhough Bobby Pesavento led the Buffs

to the Big 12 Championship.


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