Wheatley Talks About Kick Return Duties

Sophomore CB/KR <!--Default NodeId For Terrence Wheatley is 1223705,2004--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:1223705]>Terrence Wheatley</A> is beginning to emerge as the Buffs' best threat on kickoff returns. The Buffs have returned just one kickoff for a touchdown in the past five seasons. Wheatley hopes to change that trend, though he admits that will be tough to do this Saturday vs. <!--Default NodeId For Oklahoma State is 370,2004--><A HREF=http://oklahomastate.TheInsiders.com>Oklahoma State</A>.

The 5-10, 170-pound Wheatley is among the fastest Buffs. He ran the team's best 40-yard dash time (among all but true-freshmen) over the summer, clocking a 4.38.

Wheatley's biggest return was a 59-yarder against Washington State. He's averaging 28.7 yards per return.

BSN: Are you having fun returning kickoffs?
Terrence Wheatley:
Oh yeah. It's definitely fun to go out there and do something I did since high school.

BSN: I know Jeremy Bloom returned most of the kickoffs last year. Did you do some returning then too?
I did in the Florida State game and the Baylor game. After that I hurt my sternum and it was a little too risky for me to take a full-blown shot like you do on special teams.

BSN: What goes through your mind when the ball is in the air and you know it's coming to your side?
First of all, I've got to secure the catch. After that I've got to see if Stephone (Robinson) gives me the stop sign if I'm too deep. If not, then I'm looking to see if there's something up the middle where the hole's supposed to be. And if there's nothing there and I can bounce it outside, then I'm going to bounce it. But if I can't get there then I'll just have to go up in there and take one.

BSN: Is there a set spot in the end zone where you guys will give each other the stop signal?
Yeah. It changes from week to week, and from kicker to kicker. Sometimes, if they kick it real deep and it's a line drive I'll take it out anyway. But if it's real high and it's real deep, most of the time he'll give me the stop signal.

BSN: Did you return any kickoffs for a touchdown in high school?
Yeah, I returned either five or six. Most teams didn't kick it too me very much. Eventually, my coach figured out to just leave me back there by myself. I had to run from sideline to sideline to catch it.

BSN: Do you think you'll be able to break one this year?
That's definitely the goal. Every time you touch the ball you want to score. I think I can get one this year. I came close against Washington State. I got to the corner and outran a couple of guys, but they just had too good an angle. But if they give me a hole I'm just going to try to outrun everybody and get to the sideline.

BSN: What does the Oklahoma State kicker Cole Farden look like?
He's good. He's like Mason Crosby; he kicks it high and he kicks it deep. He kicks it out in Oklahoma, and the air is much thinner here, so he might kick it in the stands a few times, to tell you the truth. But hopefully I'll get one.

BSN: Playing cornerback this week, I know Oklahoma State runs the ball a lot. What do you have to do on the corner not to get beat on play-action?
Not be lazy. You've just got to read your keys and expect that they throw the ball every down. You've just got to expect it. We'll cover the run when we're needed, but most of the time we'll be in pass coverage.

These (OSU) receivers are fast. They're the fastest receivers we've see all year. These guys can run. We're going to play them and rely on the linebackers and the linemen and the safeties to go make plays.

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