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Opening Comments

As I told our team, after we have a win, we go in the locker room and celebrate it, then get down to fixing the things that we did wrong. That's what we talk about on Sunday and Monday. We go over the film, and while we're happy about the win, we go over issues that we got to correct and get better at.

We're going to look at this game. That was an embarrassing performance by our team, by our coaches and players. On Sunday we'll go in and we'll look at things we did good, and then we're going to fix the things we did wrong. Plain and simple.

Oklahoma State did a good job of taking advantage of every mistake we made. They're a good football team. And we wish them well.

Q: You had mentioned earlier in the week a possible hangover from Missouri. Was there any evidence of that today?
Gary Barnett:
I don't think so. I think we just fell victim to the mistakes, and bad calls by the coach. Questionable calls by the coach. I don't think we were hung over from that.

Q: How much did that touchdown right before half time have an effect on CU?
Who knows? How do you really know. IT didn't feel good going in, we know that. So you just deal with it. Even with that, I felt like we could have enough opportunities in the second half. We felt like we were beating ourselves out there. That's not to take anything away from Oklahoma State. But we felt like they had 21 points on the board because of our mistakes. Some of them really silly. But we didn't feel like we were out of the game at 21-0.

Q: Could you talk about the offense and where it went wrong?
We just have to be almost perfect. We had three penalties on drives that we weren't able to overcome. On the opening drive, we had an illegal procedure penalty that we didn't overcome. We didn't kick a field goal. It's a long one, and we don't make it. And then we had a penalty on the next drive.

Right now, we have to be perfect. And that's hard to do. It really is. There's a couple bright spots, which I'm sure you all saw. The play of Blake Mackey, and I thought Lawrence Vickers had an outstanding game. I thought James Cox came in and did a nice job replacing Joel Klatt. That gave him really valuable game experience.

Right now, that's who we are. We're not going to mash you, we're not going to throw it over your head. We're a team that's going to have to be perfect to score. We're having trouble being perfect.

Q: How is Joel Klatt?
He hurt is neck a little bit on that scramble. I haven't talked to Steve Willard to see what his condition is yet. I doubt that he's seriously hurt, but I think he's going to be pretty sore tomorrow.

Q: Could he have played in the second half?
Well, I don't think so. We actually let Joel make the call in the second half, and I don't think he felt like he could go back in. That's my understanding. Steve came to me and said I asked Joel if he could go back in and I haven't heard from him yet. Next thing I know, Cox is in, so I'm not sure where that actually came down.

(Shawn Watson later confirmed that Watson made the call to keep Klatt out the second half because of the nature of Klatt's injury).

Q: If Bobby Purify continues to be banged up, how does that change your offense?
I don't know. We've got to go back and work harder and figure some things out. I don't want to speculate on that right now. I think Bobby came out of the game OK. That's an injury that will progressively get better every week. I didn't get a sense from anybody that he would not be pretty close to full speed next week.

We have what we have, and we are who we are. We just have to get better. We can't abandon each other.

Q: Do you feel like your run defense held up pretty well?
I do. We gave them the one big play. Our linebacker (Akarika Dawn) was trying to make the call for the official because he thought the tailback moved. While he's standing up pointing, they run the play and he never gets to the play. That was the kind of thing that we did. Hugh Charles runs into Stephone Robinson and the ball hits Hugh on the leg and they get the ball. We don't get a corner lined up out there on their receiver and they throw the long bomb touchdown pass.

You don't want to have too many of those types of games, but we sure had one today.

Q: Can you talk about the two fourth down plays where you didn't convert?
We went into this game and said we were going to be aggressive. We didn't say we were going to be stupid, we said we're going to be aggressive. I felt like I needed to show a lot of confidence in our offense in their ability to convert those.

Obviously, those are always tough calls to make. The second one I made with my heart. I let the players talk me into it. I knew the right thing to do was to kick the field goal, but they were begging me to run the play. They felt they had it. I went against what I knew was right there. What I wanted to do was show them I had confidence in them. It doesn't make for a smart coach, necessarily.

Q: A lot of people probably count you out in conference now. Do you still feel like you're in the race?
We can't worry about the conference right now. We've got to go in and play a game where we don't make the kind of silly mistakes that we made today and then see where things fall. It'll be a tough climb back in now. But that's beside the point.

What we've got to do now is, one, make sure that we handle this the right way as a team. Two, that we progress toward fixing things. We're not going to fix them over night. But we've got to progress toward fixing things that we're doing wrong.

Q: How far off are you from fixing things?
I'm not objective, but it feels like to me that we're just right on the edge (of fixing them). We've played five teams, and with all due respect I think we've been as talented as all the teams that have been on the field. We haven't played as well, obviously, in the last two. But we've certainly been as talented as anybody we've played. Whatver mistakes we've made have cost us in two games.

Q: Are mistakes part of the growing pains for a young team?
That's probably true. I think it's better for you to say that than me. I need to take all that responsibility instead of those young kids.

Q: How do you handle it "the right way"?
By that I mean, last year we walk out of here after the Washington State game and we were never the same team again until maybe Missouri. We went through four or five games where we struggles as a team with everything. We just need to come back and go to work and fix whatever's out there.

If we're about what we said we're about, then that's what we'll do. And I have complete confidence that we are, and we will.

Q: Three times in the first half you completed third down receptions, but came up short of the first down. Is that a failure of receiver speed or is that a failure on first and second down? GB: Generally that's a failure on first and second down. Once you get in the game, and your receivers are playing for the first down — but we're halfway through the season, we should know better — but sometimes you just have to go out and get the first down.

Q: Did OSU pass as much as you thought they would?
Yeah, about as much as I thought they would.

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