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<!--Default For Colorado is to ignore-->Colorado head coach <!--Default NodeId For Gary Barnett is 1411355,2004--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:1411355]>Gary Barnett</A> had praise for his specialists and said the 4-2 Buffs will savor the win this week. He also gave a brief explanation of why he changed quarterbacks during the game. Also inside, game reaction from <!--Default NodeId For Iowa State is 364,2004--><A HREF=>Iowa State</A>'s side of things.

Opening Comments
There were really some tremendous efforts today. John Torp, for one, and the punt team again — two weeks in a row.

And who's the other guy? (laughter)

Mason Crosby just was sensational.

We made enough plays on offense to win the game.

I thought, defensively, we really played hard and played pretty well. I hate to see a defense give up that one, last score. It was the only score they gave up all day.

So, it was a win. We're 4 and 2. It hasn't been easy getting to 4 and 2, and we know it. But that may be the way it is. It'll be sunny for a week because of it.

I thought the special teams were really good.

Iowa State played hard. Their quarterback played a heck of a game. It was just a good college football game.

There were turnovers – way too many on our side, I believe. We had three picks, and one of them resulted in a touchdown.

Joel Klatt did a great job coming in. I don't know where all that (quarterback situation) is, so don't ask me. We'll just have to wait and see. But right when we needed it and wanted it, and had to have it, Joel was our quarterback. That tells you how we feel about Joel Klatt.

I talked to James Cox at halftime and told him that he may have to go back in and win this game. He said that he was fine. We'll just have to see where that goes.

Right now, we just want to enjoy the victory and be thankful for the victory, no matter how it got here. We appreciate our fans for being there. We had a great day, a great football day. We'll go from there.

Q: How many games have you been a part of where it came down to their missed field goals and your made field goals?
Gary Barnett:
You never know when those are coming, so that's why you get a Torp and a Mason Crosby. So when it does come down to these games you've got guys like that. We're blessed to have both of those guys. That was a kicking game, there's no question about it. We got points off their fumbled punts, and Mason's big kicks were critical in the game.

He had two of them with penalties. I think they had a gig going to get him longer field goals. We're gong to have to stop that gig if it was, but I don't think (I've been involved in) too many where it was that significant.

Q: Was 60 yards your cutting off point for Crosby? Or where would you have stopped and punted?
I would have gone 61, 62. We had a little bit of breeze. It wasn't an easy decision to do it, and I can't say that I didn't let myself get talked into it by a number of people around me. But what the heck? The kid can do it.

Q: Are you more apt to do that now?
Well, I won't be afraid to do it. Fortunately, they didn't go after it. They didn't really believe that we were really going to try a field goal. But he could have kicked it 70.

Q: Did you say anything to Crosby before you sent him out to kick it?
No. "Let's kick it." I've learned that you don't say anything to those guys.

Well, actually I did. I said, ‘Just swing it easy.' I did say that to him.

Q: How about your defensive line today. You got some pressure on the quarterback.
We got some sacks, especially at the end of the game when we had to have them. We played hard. It wasn't beautiful, and not top 20-ish, but it was a hard fought football game. That's all that I can ask of the guys.

In the end, when we had to get a first down, we got a first down. We got a couple of them. And when we had to get a sack, we got a sack or two. That's what you really relish, is when it's on the line, you go do it. That's what you spend your time talking about.

Q: You had eight first half penalties, none in the third quarter. Is that something you talked about at half time?
No, we didn't even bring it up other than talking about shooting ourselves in the foot a couple times. We sure have got a lot of penalties. We must be doing a lot of things more wrong than other people because we're getting a lot of them. We've got to fix it. Some of it you can't, but some of it you can. We've got to play smarter.

Q: There was an unsportsmanlike penalty call late in the first half?
Yes, we had an unsportsmanlike penalty. We had a player say something he shouldn't have to the official. He questioned the call.

Q: What went into the decision to switch quarterbacks?
I just said, ‘We're playing Joel.' That's what went into it. I didn't want to put James into any more of a difficult situation. I wanted experience in there, so I just said we're going with Joel.

Q: How sharp did Joel look?
I'll have to look at the film. But I thought he did some great stuff, you know, we won the game. He made a couple great throws that we didn't hang on to. But they were great throws.

Q: Can you give us the status on Bobby Purify's injury?
I don't know that right now. He just antagonized that shoulder a little bit. I won't know until later on today on how that is.

Q: Tom Hubbard started in place of Tyrone Henderson. How did he play and what went into that?
Hubbard played because it was a coach's choice to do that. You get to do that. I think Hubb did some things, we'll have to evaluate. When I was on the headset, I didn't hear too many times that he was out of position, or didn't do what he was supposed to do.


Head Coach Dan McCarney
I don't think I've had a more frustrating game in all my career as a player, a graduate assistant, part-time coach, coordinator and head coach. To play that hard and have that many opportunities to win a road game in the Big 12 and come up short is a sickening feeling.

Congratulations to Colorado, Gary Barnett and their team. Both teams played really hard, but we didn't come here and get on a plane to play hard. We came to win…

On the Red Zone Offense
We moved up and down the field and then we get to the red zone and we go 0-5. Two missed field goals, two fourth down stops and a fumble in the red zone.

On Special Teams Play
We had our punt team cost us 10 points. (Todd) Miller swears he didn't touch the football (on the play that was ruled a fumble), but I want to see it on tape.

On the second muffed punt, Ryan Baum did not hear Terrance Highsmith yelling behind him, so they run in to each other and Colorado ends up getting a field goal out of that. These two crazy mistakes are very uncharacteristic of our team.

I don't know what to do with the kickers. I'm not going to send them home on a van, even though I feel like doing that instead of putting them on the plane. Sooner or later you have to have enough focus and concentration and courage to make a kick. It just turns in to a comedy of errors.

WR Todd Blythe
We know we're a good offense at times, but we just can't get into the end zone. We had a phantom holding call, a fumble and mental errors we just can't have.

We went with Bret the whole game and he really played well and kept our offense moving today.

Bret Meyer
We proved we could move the ball on a pretty good CU D, but we just have to lose the small mistakes, penalties and turnovers. It's all mental mistakes — the turnovers and penalties caused us to beat ourselves.

The bottom line is that we didn't execute like we needed to. I have all the confidence in the world in our coaches' play calling. We can't blame any of this on them.

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