Texas will be "a defining moment." Follow the link to read what else Barnett had to say about the game."> Texas will be "a defining moment." Follow the link to read what else Barnett had to say about the game.">

GB: How team responds will be 'defining moment'

The first words out of head coach <!--Default NodeId For Gary Barnett is 1411355,2004--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:1411355]>Gary Barnett</A>'s mouth at Saturday's postgame press conference were "It's obvious that I didn't have my team prepared today." Later he said how the team responds to the 31-7 loss to <!--Default NodeId For Texas is 371,2004--><A HREF=http://texas.Scout.com>Texas</A> will be "a defining moment." Follow the link to read what else Barnett had to say about the game.

Opening Comments
It's obvious that I didn't have my team prepared today.

We just couldn't get anything going. We couldn't get anything going on offense; we shot ourselves in the foot, and Texas was able to run the ball very effectively.

We couldn't keep our defense off the field. We weren't ready to play on offense, and that's on me.

That's a good football team, and we didn't play like a good football team today. And that's a bad combination.

I've got to figure out a way to get us to play better. That's what I've got to do. One thing is, this team's gone through a lot. We will stick together, and we will stand behind each other. We will not do it any other way.

This team isn't about to cave in; we will stand by each other and by each other. We'll go to work and figure out a way to make it work as best we can.

Q: You were in it at halftime. How much did the two quick touchdowns after turnovers they had in the third quarter change the momentum?

Gary Barnett: Truthfully, at halftime we didn't have a lot of answers on offense. We were trying to find some answers. We came out and threw the ball pretty effectively for a couple of plays, but then we shot ourselves in the foot.

At halftime we were only down by seven, but it felt like more than that at the time because we hadn't had any answers on the field. We had to find them in the locker room. Our confidence was a little shaky coming out in the second half. When we turned it over, we couldn't get it back. We really couldn't get any momentum going and we couldn't get any confidence back.

Q: What was Texas doing defensively?
They really pressured us with the linebackers. That was our fear going in, but I thought I had our guys prepared for it. Obviously, I didn't. The number of times we jumped at the line of scrimmage with the linebackers in our face is a testimony to that.

They also brought a safety blitz that they hadn't shown. That ended up being a big play, a fumble on the screen pass that we had called in there. That was the first turnover of the second half. They brought a safety blitz and we didn't have anybody for him. Joel (Klatt) ended up taking a shot.

Q: Are there positives coming out of this game?
We'll have to hunt and scratch and claw to find some positives. This is a tough test for us, a big challenge for us as a team. We're going to have to dig a little deeper and be careful about who we listen to now. This is a defining moment for us.

There's always positives. They're hard to see right now, but we'll look for them as we go through the film.

Q: A lot of times after losses like this, coaches will stand up and take responsibility. Do you honestly think you didn't prepare your team well enough?
I must not have. The way our team plays is a reflection on their preparation. It was pretty evident to 53,000 people that that's what happened today.

Q: How good is Cedric Benson?
I think Benson is a terrific football player. There were two or three times when we stuck him and he made plays. He's really a good player. He's been a good player against us the two years we played him.

Their scheme just didn't allow us to catch our breath because we were on the field so long with our defense. It's got to work together – our offense has got to give our defense some rest by making plays. We just didn't work in conjunction today.

More on being unprepared
We had two or three batted down. We just made blunders out there. It was evidence of a team that wasn't prepared.

Q: There seemed to be a lot of missed tackles, especially on Benson.
He's a good player. I give him all the credit. He deserves all the credit. There's been a lot of good football players that missed tackles on him.

It felt like if we could've rested our defense a little more in the first half, that we could have minimized some of those missed tackles. We couldn't get our defense off the field long enough. And then their offense is designed to do just what they did. They do a good job with it, they're patient with it. You've got two terrific athletes back there and their offensive line sort of matches up.

They hit a couple key passes. But when we get them in those situations we need to make plays. We did early; we made a touchdown on a pick, but we just couldn't maintain them.

Q: You didn't use the shotgun as much as last week. What did you see from them defensively that kept you out of it?
We weren't on the field as much. I'm not sure percentage wise we were any different. We didn't have a plan to not use it any less, but sometimes with the pressure we were getting out of the shotgun, it didn't help us.

Q: It's been a tough couple weeks. How's the team's morale?
You don't know until you get back on Monday and meet with your team. That's our challenge. That's our challenge as coaches and players. IT comes down to who everybody's going to listen to. At times like this team's have to stay together and realize that no ones very happy with the way they played and their performance. They're going to hear about it and read about it. We've got to pull together.

Like I said earlier, this is a defining time for us.

Q: Can you talk about not having he names on the jerseys?
It was a decision we made as a team. We just wanted to send a message that we pull together, and it's about us, and not about anything else. That's all. IT wasn't a big thing, it was just something we decided to do.

Q: Why the decision to run the clock out with 52 seconds left in the first half?
Because I knew we were getting the ball back in the second half, and we didn't have a lot of answers right then with 52 seconds. We probably weren't going to make a lot of answers with 52 seconds left. The last thing I wanted to do was create another bad situation for our defense.

We knew we were getting the ball back in the second half, so why make a silly mistake at that point? It would give us a chance to get in and make our adjustments, and not put our team in any further tough situations.

Q: You're .500 now. What are your goals?
Our goal is to get to a bowl game. We've got three games left. You can do the math. That's where we are, plain and simple.

Q: How is Bobby Purify?
We don't ever know until Sunday how he really feels. Dusty Sprague did break his clavicle so he's probably done for the season.

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