Colorado Set to Offer L.A. Fullback

<b>George Hypolite</b> is a player with a lot of charisma and a team-first attitude. He is exceptionally strong as well, boasting a 705-pound squat max. Coach Borbely called him from CU two weeks ago and said that the Buffs have an offer coming and it if it happens, it will be Hypolite's first. The L.A. Fullback tells us what he likes about Colorado.

Height: 6-2
Weight: 230
40 time: 4.7
Bench: 345
Squat: 705
Clean: 285
From: Los Angeles, California
High School: Loyola

"Coach Borbely called me two weeks ago and said they are going to offer me," said Hypolite. "I have heard from him weekly with little exception. I am pretty much interested in anyone who is interested in me right now.

"The coaching staff at Colorado seems like a bunch of good guys that take care of their players. The way the team has came out and played this year after losing 10 transfers is a testament to them. They have been able to do what they've done with depleted forces and they have beaten a couple of good teams."

This season, Hypolite has scored one touchdown and says he gets the ball 3-4 times a game at fullback. On defense, he has six sacks at outside linebacker and defensive end. Just about every school likes him as a fullback. "Utah and USC have told me I could play other positions, but most schools like me on offense."

Besides the Utes, Buffs, and Trojans, the Loyola standout is hearing from UCLA, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Washington State, and Cal. "The schools that are showing me the most attention of those ones are Colorado, Washington, Cal, UCLA, and Notre Dame. Since they like me the most, those are the ones I am the most interested in."

Recruiting, however, is not really on his mind right now. "I am still a Loyola Cub and that is the main thing I am thinking about. We are 7-1 and I am trying to help us get back-to-back CIF championships. Right now, I just want to win for my team. I will worry about recruiting after the season and I will set-up my visits then."

Hypolite carries a 3.08 core GPA and scored a 26 on his ACT. He would like to major in Psychology or Philosophy.

Loyola takes on St. John Bosco, this Friday.

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