Big 12 North Scenarios

Following <!--Default For Colorado is to ignore-->Colorado's 38-31 win over <!--Default NodeId For Kansas State is 366,2004--><A HREF=>Kansas State</A> Saturday, the Big 12 North division is still very much up for grabs. Inside are the scenarios that would put Colorado in the Big 12 title game vs. the South representative on Dec. 4 in <!--Default For Kansas is to ignore-->Kansas City.

First of all, if Iowa State wins at Kansas State (Saturday) and vs. Missouri (Nov. 27), then the Cyclones will represent the North.

For the Buffs to have a chance at the Big 12 title game, they must beat Nebraska Nov. 26.

If Colorado beats the Cornhuskers and ends in a two-way tie with Iowa State, CU wins the tiebreaker (head-to-head competition) and represents the North.

If Colorado beats Nebraska; Iowa State beats Missouri, but loses to Kansas State; and Missouri beats Kansas, then Colorado, Iowa State and Missouri will end in a 4-4 (conference) tie and COLORADO wins the tiebreaker and represents the North.

If Colorado beats Nebraska; Iowa State beats Kansas State; Missouri beats Iowa State and Kansas, then Missouri, Colorado and Iowa State end in a three-way tie, but MISSOURI wins the tiebreaker.

Finally, if Colorado beats Nebraska; Kansas State beats Iowa State; Missouri beats Iowa State; Kansas beats Missouri, then COLORADO wins the division outright and represents the North.

Obviously, besides rooting in front of the television for certain teams, the only thing Colorado can do toward getting to the title game is beat Nebraska.

"The only thing in our control is the Colorado-Nebraska game," head coach Gary Barnett said Monday. "Every time Colorado and Nebraska play, it comes down to the last play. We're used to that from several recent close games.

"I'm proud of our team for coming together and playing hard for the whole season. They survived it and achieved. We'll have to get back to game synch quickly after the bye week, but we'll get some guys healed. We enjoy this rivalry."

Colorado senior Bobby Purify is in fourth place on the all-time CU rushing list (2,879) after his effort against the Wildcats. He's done that without ever having a 1,000-yard rushing season, but with 880 yards on the books so far this season, he is within reach of that marker.

After several years where a defensive back led the team in tackles, four linebackers fill the top four spots in tackles through 10 games — Brian Iwuh (78 tackles), Jordon Dizon (72), Thaddaeus Washington (72) and Akarika Dawn (66). Dizon now holds the Colorado true freshman record for tackles after surpassing teammate J.J. Billingsley.