Practice Notes

The Buffs were forced indoors Monday because of weather as they began practicing to play the Sooners. Inside, an update on Dusty Sprague, and a brief conversation with veteran TE Jesse Wallace.

Bitterly cold temperatures forced the Buffs into Balch Fieldhouse for Monday's practice. While far less than ideal, coach Gary Barnett said the team was able to get some things done. They plan to practice outside Tuesday — a normally heavy-hitting day — weather permitting.

Barnett said Monday he and his coaches would not play up the underdog role as the team prepares to play the BCS No. 2 Oklahoma Sooners Saturday in Kansas City.

"That stuff doesn't last very long," he said. "It's all about execution and game planning."

However, Barnett is certainly not downplaying things for the Big 12 title game. In fact, just the opposite.

"I told our coaching staff and our players this is the biggest game they will play in unless they are in the NFL playoffs," Barnett said. "It is a big, big game, and we just want to give our best shot to Oklahoma. Eleven other teams have tried and come up empty, and it's a very tough opponent."

One player hoping to play Saturday is redshirt-freshman wide receiver Dusty Sprague. Sprague was emerging as a playmaker when he suffered a broken collar bone in the loss to Texas Oct. 30.

Sprague traveled with the team for the Nebraska game, but hadn't practiced until today. He will wear the blue/no contact jersey Tuesday and see how things go.

Barnett said it's "possible" Sprague would be available Saturday. The wide receiver, who last had an x-ray Sunday, was more confident.

"I'm going to play," he said. "That's the mentality I'm going to take, and we'll go from there."

Meanwhile, senior tight end Jesse Wallace, along with preparing for the Sooners, is trying to secure enough tickets for family members for the game. Wallace is from Kansas City.

BSN asked him a few questions:

Q: What's the best place for Buffalo fans to get good Kansas City barbecue?
A little spot called LC's. (The roadside diner-styled joint is a favorite of locals, located on the east side of K.C. 5800 Blue Pkwy., 816-923-4484.)

Q: This will be your third Big 12 title game you've played in. What's different about this one?
This year definitely is different for me. It's my senior year, my last time going out there, and my last Big 12 game. And the fact it's back home. Plus we've been through so much this year, to be able to play for a championship is great.

Q: You've played against Oklahoma three times the past two years. What's it going to take to beat them?
We've got to be flawless; no mistakes. They're athletic everywhere you look. No weak spots anywhere. So we've got to play a perfect game to beat them.

Q: You turn on the TV and people on ESPN or FSN are saying Colorado doesn't stand a chance. What's the feeling on the team? Do you guys have confidence you can win?
We're always confident. They're a college football team just like we are. They're a good team and have good athletes, but we have good athletes, and we're a good team too. We'll fight hard and hopefully come out with a win.

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