Buffs Offer Los Angeles Fullback

Loyola fullback <b>George Hypolite</b> was told by CU a few weeks ago that an offer could be coming. The staff held true to their word as that offer came last week. We get his thoughts on what it meant to receive it and where Colorado stands for him now.

Height: 6-2
Weight: 230
40 time: 4.7
Bench: 345
Squat: 705
Clean: 285
From: Los Angeles, California
High School: Loyola

"I was excited and happy to get it," said Hypolite. "It feels good that the University of Colorado has faith in me. Now that I got that first one, I am waiting for some more. I have been told that after you get that first one, the others all start coming. I hope that is what happens. There are a lot of schools I am interested in so I want to keep my options open. I can tell you, though, that Colorado is very high on my list."

Some of the other schools he is interested in include UCLA, Cal, Notre Dame, Florida, Washington, USC, and Oregon. "Cal and UCLA are the most consistent about calling me. Florida is a school I love because I think they have a lot going for them. I also love Notre Dame. With all of the coaching changes right now everything is up in the air. I guess I'll have to wait to see where everything falls and figure out what my options are from there."

Hypolite says he hears from Coach Borbely at CU "pretty regularly" and he is glad to see CU in the position they are for the upcoming weekend. "I like what Colorado does and the way they do it. With all of their off-season stuff you can't say enough good things about what they've done this year. Oklahoma is definitely the favorite and may handle them, but you never know. Anything can happen on any given Saturday."

He says that CU has offered him as a fullback, but he is open to other positions. Coach Borbely was set to do the in-home visit this week but it will most likely be pushed back to next week. Hypolite plans on visiting in January. "I have basketball going on now so I told the coaches that I couldn't make it until then. It will probably be the second weekend in January."

Loyola finished their playoff run with a 14-7 loss to Lakewood.

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