Coach's Corner: Ernie Cooper of Granite Bay HS

Granite Bay head football coach Ernie Cooper talks about quarterback <A HREF=[PlayerNode:1290869]>Patrick Devenny</A>, who is verbally committed to play at Colorado.

Quarterback Patrick Devenny led Granite Bay High School to an undefeated regular season, and into the third round of the state playoffs this past season. One of two quarterback prospects in the current crop of Colorado verbal commits, the 6-foot-3, 225-pound Devenny made his pledge to the Buffs in August.

Devenny threw for 1,790 yards, 20 touchdowns and six interceptions as a senior.

In general
Ernie Cooper:
He's started 25 games in the last two years. We're 22-3 in that period. He's been our guy.

As a junior he was thrust into the starting role. We had a pretty good senior ahead of him, and the senior got hurt on the first day of practice for fall football. We kind of had a wide-open attack at the time, and all of a sudden Pat was the guy running it. We lost our first two games of the year that year. Since those first two games, where he was just a little green, we've been 22-1. That's a pretty good roll.

This year he's been a stallion. He'd run with the football and run guys over. He can outrun guys if need be (4.78 40 time, reportedly). Obviously, he's got a very good arm. He willed us to some wins. He'd take some big shots back there and get up and say, ‘ Is this all you got?'

There were some games against the better opponents where he just wasn't going to let us lose. As a coach, you love that when you've got that kind of guy who's taking a snap for you every time.

Q: What was it that attracted him to Colorado?
He felt real comfortable with the coaching staff. That was one of the big draws. We treat our players pretty well and respect them and try to coach them in a positive way. And I think he got that sense from them that it's like that there. And it's bigtime college football and I think he liked the whole atmosphere there at Colorado.

Q: Where is Granite Bay?
About 10 miles outside of Sacramento. This year, partly because of the population of our school, but more because we've had some success, they moved us up to the highest division. So we're playing against some of the best teams in California. Pat led us to an undefeated league title and into the third round of the playoffs.

Q: What kind of offense do you run?
We run a version of the Fly Offense. It's where you have that guy in motion every play, and he's running full speed right at that quarterback/center when the ball's being snapped. With that we run what you'd describe as a West Coast Offense. It's a version of the Fly with the West Coast.

On Devenny off the field.
He's a very good kid; just real motivated. He has his goals that he's trying to reach and he really works hard. A lot of people have goals, but he's put a lot of action behind those goals. I'm really proud of him for that. We kind of live in a society where everybody talks about what they're going to do, and it's nice when you have a young person who actually goes and does what he says he's going to do — and actually puts action behind his words.

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