Coach's Corner: Rangeview High's Dave Gonzales

Rangeview High School head coach Dave Gonzales talks about Colorado verbal commit <A HREF=[PlayerNode:1152627]>Maurice Lucas</A>.

Maurice Lucas was a dominant player for Rangeview High School in 2004. Playing defensive end and offensive tackle, Lucas helped the Raiders to a 7-4 record. He projects as a defensive end in college.

Lucas was the first player to verbally commit to Colorado last year. At one point, he reconsidered and thought about going to Kansas State instead. However, last month, Lucas decided he was back in the black and gold fold.

BSN spoke with Rangeview head coach Dave Gonzales about Lucas.

In general
Dave Gonzales:
He had a really good season. He was our MVP on both sides of the ball — offensive MVP, as well as defensive MVP. He was all-conference both ways. And he made the all-Colorado first-team.

He won offensive MVP and we had a 2,300 yard rusher. Down after down (Maurice) just abused kids. I mean he'd take them way out of the frame, all the way down field. He got called for some penalties that we thought were obnoxious. He was driving a kid 20 yards down field, and the kid's grabbing on to him as he's falling over, and we get called for holding.

(Off the field) he's a great kid; a great role model.

Q: What is it about him that makes him good enough to accomplish all that?
His power and speed, along with his size. He's 6-6, 240. But he probably runs a legit 4.5. He power cleans 315 pounds. Benches 315 pounds. He's a tenacious worker. Like I said, for a kid that has long levers like him, he can still lift that kind of weight.

He's also very explosive in the throws in track and field. He was runner up last year in both the shot and discus. He's looking to hopefully throw over 60 feet in the shot, and maybe a 200-foot discus throw.

Q: How do you expect his transition to college ball will go?
I think it'll be a good transition. He's got a ways to grow yet. If he can fill out that 6-6 frame…I don't know if he can step in and play immediately. He definitely has the ability too, but (college is) a whole new level. It just depends on how a kid adjusts, physically more than anything. It's a whole new ballgame. He's going to be playing a bunch of guys his size and strength. It was almost unfair (in high school), him against these other kids.

Q: I know he went back and forth a little bit between wanting to go to Colorado and Kansas State. Do you sense he's pretty firm right now for CU?
Yeah, that's what I understand.