Where Are They Now? Cedric Cormier

Former Colorado receiver and returner Cedric Cormier earned his degree in communications and now lives in Channelview, Texas, where he's a receivers coach for the local high school. Inside, a conversation with Cormier.

At Colorado, people still talk about the 82-yard punt return for a touchdown he scored against Colorado State in 1998, his redshirt-freshman year. Cormier was a prep star at North Shore High School in Houston, and it looked like Cormier would be the next great return man and all-around playmaker to wear the black and gold in Boulder. But a knee injury in the fifth game of the 1998 season changed that scenario. Still, Cormier ended his career at CU with 59 catches, and was a vital part of the 2001 Big 12 title team.

When BSN caught up with Cormier recently, he was in the middle of giving an exam to his English class at Channelview High School. But he found some time to talk.

Q: What have you been up to since you graduated from CU?
Cedric Cormier:
I've been down here (in Texas) teaching and coaching. Last year (in 2003) I went back to my old high school and coached on part of a state championship team. I had the under-level programs. I wasn't involved in the varsity too much.

This year I was able to get a job over here at Channelview coaching wide receivers.

I have two guys who will both be signing somewhere on signing day. One led the area in receptions. (Johnny Knox) had 60 catches for over 1,000 yards. The other one (Travis Jones) had 60 catches for about 800 yards. It was real good to work with those two guys.

(Channelview linebacker Marcus Burton has verbally committed to play at Colorado in 2004).

I'm teaching English for juniors and seniors. I enjoy it. I love working with kids. That's been something I've always wanted to do. I enjoy teaching.

Q: What are your aspirations, in terms of coaching?
Eventually I want to get up to the college level. I think I could do a good job recruiting Houston. I know a lot of people down here and that's one of my main goals. I want get up to the college level and coach those guys, help them reach their goals, and recruit Houston and get more guys from Houston up to wherever I'm at.

Q: Do you keep up with former teammates?
I keep up with guys periodically. A few guys I keep up with more than others. Daniel Graham, I try to get in touch with him about every two weeks. Victor Rogers, Robbie Robinson, Jashon Sykes, Donald Strickland.

Q: What are your fondest memories of your time in Boulder?
Just all the friends I met, on and off the field. One of my best friends to this day is (former teammate) Nate Wright.

Also beating Nebraska 62-36.

Q: When a kid goes through high school and gets a scholarship to a big program, what do you tell him about what to expect?
I just tell him to stay humble, be ready to work and just remember how he was brought up. Don't forget your morals and your values in life. I just tell ‘em to stay humble no matter what happens, good or bad.

Q: Is that something you tried to do?
Yeah. Obviously I had a knee injury. I just had to stay humble and say, ‘Everything happens for a reason,' and just accept that fact.

I got a chance to meet a lot of good people when I was there. Some things didn't work out. It wasn't the best situation for me (because of the injury), but it was a great situation for me at the same time. I had some great times down there.

Q: Do you ever look back and say, ‘If I hadn't gotten that knee injury…?'
No, I've moved on. I used to think about it a lot. But now I'm on to coaching guys. If I have a guy who has a knee injury or other kind of injuries, I know I can relate to them and help guide them through things.

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