A Conversation With Tyson DeVree

Even though Feb. 14 is the first official day of the Buffs' offseason training program, tight end <A HREF=[PlayerNode:1771853]>Tyson DeVree</A> has been in Boulder, working out at the Dal Ward Center and taking classes at CU since early January. BSN spoke to the transfer from <A HREF=http://westernmichigan.Scout.com>Western Michigan</A> about his first impressions of Colorado.

DeVree played two seasons at Western Michigan in the Mid-American Conference. He caught 30 passes as a true freshman and was named to the Freshman All-American team by The Sporting News. DeVree hauled in another 25 passes last season as a sophomore.

Before that, DeVree played receiver and outside linebacker on the football team, as well as basketball and baseball, at Hudsonville High School in Hudsonville, Mich.

Q: What made you decide to come to Colorado?
Tyson DeVree:
I was always interested in Colorado's program. I thought they had a good program. And we went through some tough times at Western. The coach got fired and the offense was kind of changing. Colorado is suited to tight ends.

I also had played my true freshman year, so I have a redshirt year available. I'm not going to be losing a year of eligibility.

Q: When you decided you wanted to transfer, did you look at schools other than Colorado?
I did. It came down to Alabama, Penn State and Colorado.

Q: What are your impressions of the Colorado program so far?
It's a good, solid group of coaches. And a good, solid group of tight ends. There are really nice kids on the team. They've taken me in under their wing. Coach Wristen seems like a good coach.

Q: Did you take an official visit out here?
Yeah. I pretty much had decided I wanted to go here before I made my visit, but I still wanted to visit to give it my final OK.

Q: You talked about how Colorado uses its tight ends. Are you familiar with its history of producing good tight ends?
I know about Daniel Graham, the Mackey Award winner, yeah. They've produced a couple of NFL tight ends. I'd like to follow in their footsteps.

Q: How big are you right now?
I'm 6-5 1/2 and 253 (pounds).

Q: Is that what you played at last year?
No, I actually gained quite a bit of weight over the summer. I played at about 235 last year. My freshman year I was really small, I played at 220.

Q: What do they want you to play at eventually?
My goal is to get to a solid 260, 265. This redshirt year is going to give me an advantage to be able to get bigger and stronger. Even though it's going to be boring sitting on the sidelines.

Q: What's that going to be like to have to sit out a season?
It's going to be really frustrating. But I know that I'm going to be getting bigger and stronger, so I guess I can look at it that way.

Q: So you've gotten to know Joe Klopfenstein and Paul Creighton and those guys?
Yeah, Klopfenstein is definitely a guy to follow. He works hard. I've only been here about a month, but I can tell he works hard in everything he does.

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