A Conversation with Byron Ellis

After <A HREF=[PlayerNode:1223690]>Lawrence Vickers</A>, <A HREF=[PlayerNode:1397315]>Byron Ellis</A> is the leading returning rusher from last year's team. The sophomore-to-be had 19 carries for 61 yards in 2004. Inside, a conversation with Ellis.

Buffalo Sports News: How has winter conditioning been going?
Byron Ellis:
It's been going great. I'm just trying to get stronger and faster. It's my first time going around so it's pretty hard. But I'm toughing it out.

BSN: What kind of stuff do you guys do?
We wake up in the morning, do agility. Other days we do speed work with the strength coaches. Or we do position-specific work. It's just going over the basics then we can build on that.

BSN: Talking to Lawrence Vickers recently he said you had picked up the scheme well. Do you feel pretty confident going into spring that you know your way around the offense?
I had a lot of experience with the offense last year with Bobby being out. They limited him at practice, so I was pretty much taking his place. I still have some polishing up to do, but I learned the basics and the concept of what we're trying to do on offense. I feel pretty confident.

BSN: What are your personal goals for spring?
Just to come out and impress the coaches, show them that I can carry the load on my back when the pressure comes to playing in the big games. That' my goal – just being focused and trying to impress the coaches.

BSN: Coach Simms says you've got good hands coming out of the backfield.
Yeah, that's something I'm looking to take advantage of. Our offense, we throw a lot to the running backs.

BSN: What about as a team. What is the mood or morale right now?
Our morale is high. We can't wait until spring ball comes. My class, we have a lot of redshirt freshmen, they're ready to play. And the sophomores and juniors, they're ready to take more leadership positions and take us to the next level. I'd say everybody's excited and pumped about spring ball.

BSN: Who's standing out in winter conditioning? Especially among the younger guys?
Out of the younger guys, Cory Reid. He redshirted last year, but he's hungry. He's always been hungry but he really wants a spot this year. Some of the wide receivers — Blake (Mackey) has to play a big role this year, and he's ready to step up.

BSN: You went to school with (CU 2005 signee) James Lewis. Has he qualified yet?
I'm not sure. I think he still has to take his SAT.

BSN: What kind of player was he for Venice High when you were teammates?
He pretty much did it all for our team. He was that all-around guy that could play. I just really want to see him make it. He's so talented, but he's got to deal with school first. I just really want to see him go to college and go through this experience.

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