An Interview with Bill Inge

This week, Colorado is expected to officially announce the hiring of Bill Inge as defensive line coach. Inge, 31, comes to the Buffs' staff from Northern Iowa, where he was co-defensive coordinator/defensive line/special teams coach. Inge also served as recruiting coordinator for his alma mater, Iowa, after playing a year for the <A HREF=>Tennessee Titans</A>. Inside, an interview with the newest Buffs assistant.

Buffalo Sports News: Are you excited about your new job?
Bill Inge:
Extremely so. I'm excited about being at a major Big 12 institution, being able to coach with a group that won the Big 12 North last year, and being in a very good environment.

BSN: How much do you know about the unit you're going to be coaching?
I don't know enough. I know most of the guys are coming back. But how some of the kids played, I don't know enough yet.

BSN: When you came out for your interview, did you get a chance to spend some time with the coaches and get a feel for them?
Oh yes. That's the most important part – knowing you can be conducive with the guys you're going to work with every day. I got a great feeling from them. Some very good men on the staff.

BSN: What's your timetable? When are you going to get out here and start getting caught up on the players you'll be coaching?
Probably next week. One of the priorities is being able to use spring ball to be as effective and efficient as possible. I don't want to have to catch up, but actually progress through spring ball.

BSN: You feel pretty comfortable with Coach Hankwitz and his defense, that you can fit in there?
Oh yeah. I feel very comfortable with Mike and the things that he plans on doing with the defense.

BSN: I know you were a recruiting coordinator at Iowa. So you're pretty familiar with the competitive part of Division I recruiting. Do you enjoy that part of a coach's job?
Yes I do. That's the lifeblood of your program and the main tie between athletics and your academic institution. You have to make sure you understand the mission of the institution; all of the things that the school brings to the table culturally speaking. You have to go find the player that fits that mold, as well as a player who can enhance your opportunity to win a championship. In return, he has the opportunity to receive a top-flight education.

BSN: In your interview process, did you get a sense of what kind of player fits the Colorado program?
Yeah. I think that's the one thing that attracted me most. Understanding what the player represents and understanding who you're trying to go after, you have to know your product first before you can tell someone, ‘Hey, this will be a great place for you.'

The one thing we did the most was help me understand what the program and the institution's all about.

BSN: Do you have any idea where your recruiting territory will be?
I know it will be Dallas, some parts of St. Louis and North Houston.

BSN: You're from St. Louis, I know. Have you ever recruited Texas before?
Yes, I've recruited Dallas.

BSN: Colorado's got a rich history of getting kids from Texas.
Yes. And that's the other thing that really attracted me, knowing that some of those very same things that I had to do on a day-to-day basis fits within the realms of what they do recruiting-wise.

BSN: What's your favorite thing about coaching?
My favorite thing about coaching is having the opportunity to influence the lives of others and be a positive example and role model for them. And help them strive to become the very best person they can. That's the beauty of coaching, right there.

BSN: Obviously, Colorado's had some bad publicity surrounding the football program the past year. Did that give you pause at all when considering the job?
I wouldn't say it gave me pause. I'd say anyone on the outside is only going to think they understand by what they read in the paper. Knowing individuals who are on the inside gives you the true perspective of what you're really working with. That's the approach that I was able to take coming into this. Not thinking about what was going on media-wise, but understanding what that program is really all about. I was able to get that, obviously, from Coach Barnett, all of the coaches, and when I talked with the players and the staff.

Even with some of the things that may be occurring — the cloud that's hanging over — I think my personality, some of the things I can bring to the table allow those affiliated to really, really know what the program is all about.

BSN: How would you describe your personality?
I'm spiritually based; I'm very outgoing and enthusiastic. I'm extremely happy. You can talk about someone who is going to press guys to become great — that's me to the fullest.

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