Bohn Favors Keeping North/South in Title Game

Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione made headlines last week when he suggested the Big 12 should change it's set up for determining who plays in the annual Big 12 Championship football game. Mike Bohn understands his new colleague's motivation, but said Monday he recognizes the importance of keeping things the way they are.

Castiglione was quoted in the Dallas Morning News last Wednesday as saying he's in favor of reviewing parts of the conference championship game, which is annually held at a neutral sight and pits the winners of the North and South divisions against each other. But according to the Dallas newspaper, Castiglione, as well as Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds, promote the idea of the team with the second-best league record — regardless of division — playing the top team in the conference for the title at the top team's home stadium.

Asked for his opinion of the matter on Monday, Bohn said "Each institution's athletic director has to promote and market what's best for them."

Obviously Castiglione and Dodds are doing just that. The last two seasons, that formula would have put Texas playing Oklahoma in Norman for the championship. Instead, Colorado played, and lost, to Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game last season, while OU fell victim to Kansas State in 2003.

Bohn, who is in his first official week on the job in Boulder, and who will take part in his first meeting of Big 12 athletic directors later this month, said he's in favor of the current set up.

"In the short time I've been here I've recognized the importance of being able to compete for a conference championship out of our division," he said. "Being able to preserve that appears to make more sense in our instance."

For sure, the North/South matchup in the title game will be preserved through the 2007 season. That's when the length of the league's current TV contract for the game with ABC.

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