Colorado the First to Officially Offer Pope

Without a doubt, one of the most impressive lineman has seen all summer is lineman Cody Pope from University High in San Diego. He is a specimen at 6-5, 275, and is quick for his size with a 5.0 40 yard dash. Colorado coach Dave Borbely was at the combine in L.A., and apparently he saw enough of Pope to merit an offer. CU is high on the lineman's list.

Height: 6-5
Weight: 275
40 time: 5.04
Bench: 300
Squat: 440
Clean: 290
From: San Diego, California
High School: University

Cody Pope was a first team all-league selection as a junior. He primarily played on the defensive side of the ball at end and tackle. "I like offense, but I didn't start at tackle because we had two seniors returning at the positions," he explained. "In fact, our whole offensive line had returning seniors. It is fun playing offense when I can run around and hit people.

"But, that is the main reason I love to play defense because I constantly get to hit people. In the 3-4 defense we play, I do a lot of speed rushing. Colleges like me on both sides of the ball. I think that this year they will see how much speed I have gained and how well I can do as a defensive end. But, when it comes down to it, I do not care what side of the ball I am on. All I want to do is hit people so it doesn't matter."

Pope also dabbles at the tight end spot which gives you an idea of his athleticism. More than his physical presence, he relies on what he possesses within. "I have a great attitude and am very disciplined. I am coachable and I am always working hard. If there is something I do not understand during practice, I will stay after practice and ask a lot of questions. I am not shy about that because when it is gametime I do not want there to be any questions about what I need to do. I do not want any ifs, ands or buts. The mental part of my game makes me the player that I am."

Colorado was the first school to see that Pope has game as CU sent an offer two weeks ago. "It was a very good feeling getting that offer. Colorado is a school I have been watching for a long time. They play with a lot of heart and pride and they are a big-time school. I like the west coast offense they run because it is balanced. Everything is 50/50. That way they can recruit some of the best wide receivers and running backs in the nation. I want a great running back behind me so I can just bulldoze the way for him. If it is a passing play, I want to make sure my quarterback is sound and has enough time to throw the ball. I just want to be out there killing people on every play. I gotta kill somebody. When I do get to a school, I do not want a spot given to me. I want to earn my spot through hard work and good play."

Besides the Buffs, Pope has verbal offers from Washington, San Diego State, Fresno State, Idaho, and Idaho State. "They all said they would be sending the written ones very soon."

USC apparently also liked what they recently saw in Pope. "I went to their camp and they said I did real well. They started showing me more interest afterwards. I like 'SC because everything there is fast-paced and upbeat. There is no messing around. They are also the most dominant team in the nation and if I went there I would be coached by some of the best coaches in the nation."

San Diego State also has a significant lure for him. "Their offensive line coach, Ed White, was a pro-bowler and he was also the world's strongest man at one time. He is an old family friend of ours. My parents kind of like San Diego State. They also like Oklahoma since we have family there and have always kind of been fans. I grew up a fan of the Sooners and my grandpa went to school there."

Pope will not name a favorite, but does have a top six. "It is hard to say who my top schools are, but in no order, I'd say Colorado, Washington, San Diego State, Idaho, USC, and Oklahoma."

To finish off the summer, the lineman plans on making two more stops. "I will head back to 'SC for their rising senior camp and also will go to a San Diego State camp."

Pope carries a 2.5 core GPA and has yet to receive his SAT score back. He would like to major in Psychology.

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