High Expectations

Juco transfer cornerback Terry Washington has looked better in practice each day as he begins to grasp the mental side of the game. Inside, an interview with the junior where he talks about the challenges of his first exposure to Division I football, playing against his home-state school, Missouri, and how he expects to become a starter at Colorado sooner than later.

Q: So you've been through a week or so of practices, do you feel like a Colorado Buffalo?
Terry Washington:
Actually, I do feel like a Colorado Buffalo. It's kind of hard mentally. It's a big change from junior college. But for the most part, it's a good thing.

Q: You say " a big change." What are the biggest challenges so far?
The biggest challenges have been more mentally than physically. I guess you could say there's the same amount of talent, but D-I players are a lot smarter and they're a lot more aggressive. They know exactly what to do and how to do it. That's a big change.

Q: Coach Bray seems to be a stickler for being in the right position. Is that true?
That's VERY true. If you're not in the right position, he will get on you. He wants you perfect. We're trying to be as close to perfect as we can be.

Q: What's the difference for you from Practice 1 and Practice 7?
My first couple of practices I didn't have all the plays or the technique. But I'm coming along real fast. (Coach Bray) is helping me out.

Q: What are your expectations for yourself? Do you want to start?
Yeah, I would like to start. That's my number one priority. I'd say I'll start, if not by the first game, probably by the second or third. Once I get everything down – cause I I didn't get to practice in the spring. But like I said, I'm coming along.

Q: I know you signed with Colorado out of high school. But when you were at Garden City was there ever a time when you thought about going somewhere else?
I was always thinking Colorado. A couple of teams came in and asked about me, but I knew Colorado would take care of me, and my juco coach took care of me. They made it clear I was going back to Colorado. I knew that, and I accepted that.

Q: What will you study here?
I'm studying ethnic studies and sociology.

Q: How tall are you and what do you weigh?
I'm about 5-10 1/2, 5-foot-11, 195.

Q: I've heard you ran a 4.35 once?
Yes, in juco I ran a 4.35. I was a little bit lighter then. I'd probably get a low 4.4 now.

Q: You're pretty well put together. It seems like you've got the physical side of the game, too. How much fun do you have with that part of the game?
A lot of corners I know, they don't like to tackle. I'm the opposite of that. I like to come off the blocks and go make plays. If I'm not covering, I'm usually around the ball. I have a nose for the ball.

Q: Does that come from being a running back in high school?
I think it comes from being aggressive. I just have to get in on a play. I don't feel as a corner, I should just cover. I like to be the total package.

Q: Is there a game you're most looking forward to this season?
Yeah, actually, the game against Missouri. I have a friend up there. We were on a talk show together on the radio. They let us talk to each other. This was a month ago. William Franklin. He's a receiver. So we'll probably be going up against each other. I guess everybody in Missouri will be watching that game.

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