Practice Report — August 13

Gary Barnett had said Friday the team would have a normal practice with some situational scrimmaging at the end of Saturday's go. But he changed his mind and CU went through its most extensive scrimmage of the camp so far Saturday afternoon, playing in a slow drizzle.

The first team offense had about 30 plays, the second team, roughly 25, Barnett said. At the end, both third teams squared off against each other.

The ones played the twos, beginning with the first team offense vs. the second team defense. The first few series, the second-team defense stymied the first-team O. Dominique Brooks, back in action after nursing a broken finger, looked good in run support, coming up and putting the hit on running backs more than once. Linebacker Joe Sanders showed good pursuit in run defense, as well.

Slowly, the first team offense, led by Joel Klatt, began to pick its way down the field with short passes. Klatt found Dusty Sprague in the corner of the end zone for the day's first score.

James Cox came in to run the second-string offense, matching up with the first-team defense. Edwin Harrison, coming off shoulder surgery, saw his most extensive work of the camp, playing with the twos. Mell Holliday, who has climbed up the depth chart the past week, found a seam for a 12-yard gain, showing he can run in traffic. All quarterbacks except Klatt were live and Vaka Manupuna and Abraham Wright each sacked Cox.

Then Holliday got a personal introduction to Thaddaeus Washington, as the linebacker stuffed the running back for no gain on a third and 3, drawing cheers from the CU defense and roughly 75 people watching.

With the first-team offense back on the field, Hugh Charles had a nice run for nine yards, stopping and starting his way through some defenders. Walter Boye-Doe sacked Klatt before Charles picked his way for another 6 yards. Lawrence Vickers ran right through a Gardner McKay tackle, then Byron Ellis broke a Ben Burney tackle for 7 yards.

Facing a third and 10, Klatt hit Sprague, who broke a tackle and surged for the first down.

The drive stalled and Kevin Eberhart hit a field goal.

Bernard Jackson and Brian White also worked with the second team offenses, but neither led scoring drives. Lionel Harris had the day's only interception.

After Patrick Devenny played a series, freshman Mack Brown came in and proved the most effective quarterback on the day. Dumping short passes over the middle, he drove the team to the 3, and Kevin Moyd swept around the left side for a touchdown to end the scrimmage.

With Dizon still out with a shoulder (expected back Monday), Dawn was starting at linebacker. Marcus Burton was running No. 2 at one inside linebacker spot behind Dawn, and alongside Joe Sanders and Brad Jones. Barrett was running with the first team, in Alex Ligon's absence. Maurice Lucas was playing second team defensive end.

Moyd has fallen to fourth or fifth on the depth chart at running back. Holliday looks like he's actually pushing Ellis. But he's got a ways to go in pass protection.

Secondary starters Saturday were Burl and Sims at corner, J.J. Billingsley and Tyrone Henderson at safety.

As it has under Watson, CU will shuffle in four or five receivers. At this point, it appears Evan Judge, Sprague, Barnett and Patrick Williams are the top four, with Reggie Joseph ahead of Tim Lemon for No. 4.

Injury Update
Both Jordon Dizon and Alex Ligon should be back practicing Monday. Tom Hubbard sat out practice, resting his knees. Vance Washington will be in pads early next week. He worked exclusively with the receivers Saturday. It appears he's going to make that switch.

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