A Conversation with Bernard Jackson

If the Buffs had a game tomorrow, it appears that junior James Cox would be the No. 2 quarterback behind Joel Klatt. Meanwhile, sophomore Bernard Jackson continues to make a race of the backup position with Cox and fellow sophomore Brian White. Inside, a conversation with Jackson.

Jackson came out of spring practices with considerable buzz about his performance in the spring game, when he was the most effective quarterback on the field. Jackson, guiding the second-string offense vs. the second-string defenses, moved the team using his legs, as well as his arm that day in April.

But so far in August camp, Jackson has not been able to surpass Cox on the depth chart, much less push Klatt for his starting role. That doesn't mean Jackson hasn't looked good in practice. On the contrary, he's had a couple of good practices in recent days.

The following is an interview conducted with Jackson after Monday's practice.

Q: There was a big buzz about you in the spring because of what you were able to do in the scrimmages and spring game. Coach Watson said, however, you needed to get better at the base offense. How is that coming along?
Bernard Jackson:
That's coming along quite well. I think as far as the base offense goes, I've got that down pat. Now it's just a matter of getting in the scrimmages and in practices, executing the proper way. The base offense is down. It's in my head. I know it like the back of my hand now. I've got to move forward from there.

Q: Did you spend a lot of time in the summer working on that?
Absolutely. You know, going over it. Repetition. Going over it myself. Flash cards. That helped me tremendously.

Q: You've got a lot of zip on the ball nowadays. Are you throwing the ball harder than you did in the spring?
I don't know. Some people say I am, some people say I'm not. There's not much I can do. I just put the ball where it needs to be put.

Q: How hungry are you to get out there and play this season?
Oh I'm hungry. I'm so hungry. I've been sitting out since my freshman year. I haven't been getting any kind of playing time. I'm hungry to get on the field.

It takes time. I'm just being patient right now.

Q: What have you learned from Joel Klatt, playing behind him?
So many things. Note taking, film watching and studying. I look at the way he attacks a play, the way he attacks film. Those kinds of things have been helping me out.

I don't tell him that (laughs). No, I ask him what is it that he does that prepares him for an opponent. What gets him ready for CSU, Miami, so forth and so on. He just says good notes and paying attention. Knowing where to go with the ball. He's a big help. He's an awesome guy.

Q: Speaking of CSU and Miami, is there any particular team you're most looking forward to playing this fall?
All of them. I haven't played in two or three years. I'm looking forward to getting some kind of playing time in all of these games. It all boils down to how I go about practice, and the mental reps.

Q: This is your third August camp. What advice would you give to Patrick Devenny and Mack Brown?
Just pay attention. Don't mess around on the sidelines. Focus. Mental reps. Relax and don't get too uptight. Just basic information. Stuff that I did that they shouldn't do.

Q: What's your favorite uniform of all the combinations you wear?
I like all black. The all black is solid. I like the white tops and gold pants, as well.

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