Q&A with Maurice Lucas

Maurice Lucas has been as good as advertised during his inaugural football camp in a CU uniform. The young, lean defensive end is pushing for a spot on the second team on the depth chart. Inside, Lucas talks about going up against senior offensive tackle Clint O'Neal in practice and about whether or not he'd prefer to play or to redshirt in 2005.

Maurice was an early verbal commit to the Buffs during the most recent recruiting cycle. Later, the Colorado native considered going to Kansas State instead, but eventually settled on CU.

Lucas' father, Dave, works as an engineer technician at Ball Aerospace in Broomfield, and worked on the Deep Impact probe that explored the comet Tempel 1 earlier this year. Maurice Lucas shares is father's interest in mathematics and hopes to major in architectural design.

Q: How is your camp going?
Maurice Lucas:
Camp is going real good. At the beginning, everything was fast. But now, everything is starting to slow down. I'm starting to see what I'm supposed to do, my assignments, my attacks.

Q: That's kind of what I was going to ask you. What's been the biggest challenge so far?
The biggest challenge is just adjusting, learning the plays. Going head-to-head against the offensive linemen. Especially the seniors.

Q: Tell me about going against a senior like Clint O'Neal.
Clint has excellent size, he's got massive strength, he's got good speed off the ball. Going up against him will make me a better player. He drilled on me a couple of plays. I can't say how many times I've been on my back because of him.

Q: Do you want to play this year if given the opportunity, or do you want to redshirt?
I would not mind playing. That's something I've been wanting to do. But I feel that I might lean toward the redshirt so I can get a feel for things a little more, so I'd make fewer mistakes in the future.

Q: Tell me about school. Do you know yet what you're going to study?
This year I'm going to be "undecided," but I have my eye on architecture.

Q: Do you draw?
Yes sir. I love to draw.

Q: What kind of stuff?
This one time we had to sketch a building. What we did was we laid out all the land masses. We got these rulers and did perspective points on each side of the paper. What you do is you lay out the building by what you see from your perspective. Like the roofing and the windows. I realized I like this stuff. I detailed it. I like the math of it. I love math.

Q: Tell me about Coach Inge. How's he been treating you so far? He gets after you guys, doesn't he?
Coach Inge is an awesome coach, man. He's on us hard, but that's only because he cares. I have a great amount of respect for him. He's a very patient man. There's so many times I've messed up and he's sat down with me during the play reviews and said, "Look, this is what you have to do, this is what you have to correct." I've got great respect for the man.

Q: Your younger brother (Marcus Lucas, sophomore at Rangeview who plays tight end and defensive end), have you and he ever talked about wanting to play together some day?
He's the kind of person, he doesn't really like to follow in other people's footsteps. He would probably like to play at another school. He likes to get on my nerves and stuff.

Q: If you do get to play this year, is there a game you're most looking forward to playing?
ML: (without hesitation) CSU.

Q: Growing up in Colorado, did you have a favorite Buffalo?
The one player that I thought really stuck out the most when I was in high school was Bobby Purify. He was an excellent runner. You gave him the ball, and he would go the distance.

What I like about CU is how they were family. They were passionate about each other. A lot of places, you don't see that. They care about each other. That's when I thought, there's something different about CU that I like.

Q: Is that one of the things that finally swayed you to come here, after thinking about Kansas State?
Yeah. Just the family feeling up here.