Q&A with Zach Jones

Zach Jones graduated from Grandview High School in Aurora a semester early and enrolled at CU this past spring. The experienced helped acclimate him to football and classwork earlier than his fellow teammates in the 2005 class. BSN spoke with the defensive lineman Thursday.

Q: What position are you playing these days?
Zach Jones:
Right now I'm working at both nose tackle and defensive tackle.

Q: You spent some time at defensive end, too, right?
At the beginning of camp. But I think about three practices in, they went ahead and moved me inside.

Q: Are there differences between nose tackle and defensive tackle technique-wise?
A little bit. Nose tackle, you've got a little more slants and movements to remember. At defensive tackle, you're pretty much just protecting the three gap every time.

Q: Do you have a preference?
Not at all. Wherever I get to play. Wherever gets me on the field the fastest.

Q: How much are you weighing these days?
Between 260 and 265.

Q: You look like you've got the frame to get bigger, too.
We're working on it. It's hard right now with camp going on and being busy all day. But I got up to 269 for a little bit. After that, I slowly started going down with all the work we've been doing. Once we get in the season and things slow up a little bit, I'll be able to put it back on.

Q: Do you want to play this year?
If they feel like I can play, and whatever's best for the team. I don't have a problem redshirting, but I'm going to try and make it out there if I can.

Q: Tell me about this class of defensive linemen.
I think it's going to be real nice. We're going to have (nearly) an all-Colorado defensive line, I think. With me and Taj (Kaynor) and Sam (Zimmerer), we're all really close. And then George (Hypolite) fits right in.

Q: How important was it for you to be here in the spring?
With football, it helped a lot. You kind of get a feel for how fast the game goes. Class-wise, it helped a lot. You see the difference between college and high school. You've really got to be on top of things.

Q: Whether you play or not, what's the game you're most looking forward to this fall?
I think CSU, just because it gets the state going. You always know people and there's bragging rights.