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The Colorado Buffaloes are scheduled to pick their captains Friday night. Whether he is chosen a captain of the 2005 team or not, senior running back Lawrence Vickers is one of those players you call the heart and soul of your team. Inside, Vickers talks about how he's learned patience in recent months, what he thinks of CU's running game heading into the season opener, if he has regrets that he was never a full-time tailback at Colorado and other issues.

Q: How are you doing?
Lawrence Vickers:
Good. I just passed my last class I needed to be eligible. I got a B+ in it.

Q: That's good news. What class was it?

Q: Your senior year. How excited are you to get going and play a game?
You know what? The thing about this year, I didn't want to rush it. I'm just sittin' back, bein' patient, lettin' it come to me. Once it comes, then I'm gonna take advantage of it; then, I'm gonna push the issue.

But this year I learned to be patient. I made sure I was ready preparation-wise, mentally and physically.

Q: Have you taken any time to look back over the last three years? Or is that something that will come later?
No, I've been lookin' back. I've been lookin' back to see my progress; lookin' back at old film to see how I've matured in playing football. Lookin' at things, lookin' at myself. Lookin' at where I'm at and where I want to be.

Now I've got a picture of where I'm at and where I want to be. (shows a gap with his hands)

Q: What do you have to do to get where you want to be?
Become a dominant blocker. Be better in my catching, my route running. Become more explosive at the point of contact. You know, just little things that make my technique better.

Q: Coach Barnett said yesterday that Mell Holliday had been slowed with his ankle and they might prepare you to be the No. 3 tailback, as well as your V-back role for CSU. Do you ever look back and think, ‘I wish I just could've played tailback the whole time I was here?' Is that an issue with you?
That's not an issue with me because I'm way above average when it comes to bein' a fullback and all the things I can do. And I think I'm a pretty good tailback too. But I could be one of the great ones at fullback. So I want to take advantage of that and use it ‘til I can't use it anymore.

The thing about it is, the versatility. When I play running back, I can still be explosive, make people miss, run over people, whatever needs to done. But I'm way above average when it comes to being a fullback.

Q: Tell me about the running game. You've been here since 2002. At this point, what can we expect from you guys this season?
You can expect a group with many talents. I kind of take us back to when we had Chris (Brown), Bobby (Purify) and Marcus Houston. You know, they all were different. Chris would pound you. Marcus was more of a finesse runner, Bobby could do a little bit of both.

Chris was more of a ‘come straight down hill runnin' through ya,' Marcus Houston was quick on the edge. Bobby was the one with the special abilities.

I kinda think our backs are like that. I'm the one that can run downhill. I'll get the short yardage, goal line back. Byron (Ellis) is more of a Bobby kind of player. He plays like Bobby. Hugh (Charles), he's in a category all his own with his speed and quickness.

We bring a lot of things that you would want. Rather than in one person, we bring it in three people.

Q: You remember back at the Florida State game back in 2003 when you all went out onto the Seminole logo on the field? What would be the scene here if somebody tried to do that?
There wouldn't be no scene. Ain't nobody gonna come in here and disrespect us. I ain't havin' that, first of all. We're not gonna have no scene like that. Ain't nobody gonna come in here and disrespect us.

What we did was disrespectful, you know, and we didn't live up to it. But ain't nobody comin' in here and doin' that. Ain't nobody crazy enough. Not if they know they got Lawrence on the other side of the ball to deal with.

Q: Which game are you most looking forward to playing this season?
Every one. I gotta have every one. Every one is special to me. If I get every one, that means we win ‘em all and we're in the Rose Bowl, you know?

So I'm looking forward to every one and I want to win every one. One game is not bigger than another because when it comes down to it you gonna have a W or an L. It's all in how you prepare.

Q: Your boy, Johnny Jolly at Texas A&M, how much did you talk to him this offseason after that game down there last fall?
We worked out with each other this summer. We hooped with each other. We talked about football, but we said we're going to leave it to the field. That was all we really said.

Q: I understand you're going to select captains Friday evening. Is that still something you aspire to be?
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I don't really know what's gonna happen, but that was always one of my goals, to be a captain and to lead the team. To be one of the people that people look up to and respect. I don't know what's gonna happen with it, because we have a lot of good candidates. Whoever becomes captain will take that and run with it.

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