Player Poll: Which Game Are You Anticipating Most?

Colorado has several high-profile games on its docket the fall, including the tussle with in-state rival Colorado State and conference rival Nebraska, trips to Miami and Texas, and a visit from the well-regarded Texas A&M Aggies. Over the past three weeks, the Buffalo Sports News asked several Colorado players which game they were most looking forward to in the upcoming season. Inside, their answers.

Question: Which game are you most looking forward to this fall?

Alonzo Barrett, sophomore, DE
"Texas A&M. My brother plays tackle (senior Jamal Barrett) for them, so I'm looking forward to going against them."

Gerett Burl. (BSN)

Gerett Burl, junior, CB
"That's a tough one. You've got Colorado State. That's a rival game. You never want to lose that game. New Mexico State, they're good. We've got to go to Miami, that's going to be real big. And basically everybody in the Big 12. Hopefully, we can get to the Big 12 Championship and do our thing there."

Hugh Charles, sophomore, RB
"The first game. Because that's going to be the most important. I'm going to see where I'm at. A lot is expected of me and I really haven't played too much. So this is going to be the first real game I'm really involved in."

Akarika Dawn, senior, LB
"Probably the Texas game because I'll be back home. That's the school that passed up on me. Going back and playing Texas (in Texas) and beating them, that's what I've wanted to do."

Zach Jones, freshman, DL
"I think CSU, just because it gets the state going. You always know people and there's bragging rights."

Evan Judge, senior, WR
"Right now CSU. It's a big game. It's one of the biggest games on our schedule. People are going to say Miami, people are going to say Texas. But CSU is an in-state rivalry. It's my last year playing them. I lost to them once, I don't want to lose to them again. That's my biggest game. After that, then we'll figure it out."

Vaka Manupuna, senior, NT
"Well, the first game is always important. But I'm really looking forward to Texas A&M. Last year, it was a really close game (A&M won 29-26 in OT). We owe it to ourselves. It's payback. We lost on their home field. I'm really looking forward to A&M."

Vaka Manupuna. (BSN)

Maurice Lucas, freshman, DE

Jack Tipton, junior, OL
" Besides CSU I would say Nebraska. Every game is important, but those two are at the top of my list. You've always got to get up for CSU and you've always got to get up for Big Red at the end. Like I said, every game is important, and we've got Miami and Texas. It's going to be a tough year, but it'll be fun."

Lawrence Vickers, senior, RB
"Every one. I gotta have every one. Every one is special to me. If I get every one, that means we win ‘em all and we're in the Rose Bowl, you know? So I'm looking forward to every one and I want to win every one. One game is not bigger than another because when it comes down to it you gonna have a W or an L. It's all in how you prepare."

Ryan Walters, redshirt freshman, S
"The first game I play in. I haven't stepped on the field yet in a Buffalo uniform, so I'm just looking forward to it."

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