Q&A With Quinn Sypniewski

For the record, Colorado tight end Quinn Sypniewski is tired of talking about the fact that, due to a medical redshirt, this is his sixth year in a Colorado uniform. He's also kind of tired of playing against his teammates in practice, and looks forward to hitting some CSU Rams on Saturday. Nevertheless, Sypniewski was gracious enough to speak with BSN Tuesday about the 2005 team, one he compares to CU's Big 12 Championship 2001 squad.

Q: Are you getting tired of questions about this being your sixth year?

Quinn Sypniewski: (laughs) I just told (the media relations person) if this is about my sixth year, I'm not doing it.

Q: All right. It's not. But tell me – where this team is right now heading into your first game, does it compare at all to other CU teams you've been part of?
It reminds me of the 2001 team. We're that physical, that mentally prepared, that eager to get going.

We've been in camp for almost a month now, we're just getting sick and tired of hitting each other.

Q: Tell me about the differences of playing in a scheme that has two tight ends and one back vs. one tight end, a fullback and tailback.
There's not really that much of a difference in my mind. Besides the fact that the fullback would be a little bit deeper in the backfield and maybe get a little bit more head of steam going at the linebacker.

But you can pretty much do anything out of two tight end that you can out of one tight end/two running backs. It's pretty much the same. But you have a little more ability to catch the ball (in two tight end set).

Q: Watching you last August, the spring and this month, it seems like you've been catching the ball better than you did early in your career here. What have you done to get better at that?
I don't know if I was ever a bad catcher, I just don't think I really got a whole bunch of exposure to catching the ball. I played behind Dan Graham for two years, then I split time with Beau (Williams) and Joe (Klopfenstein), as soon as Joe got in here.

I wouldn't say I've done a whole bunch, I'm probably just more focused on watching the ball in. When it's up in the air, you've got to go up and get it. That's what I try and do.

Q: How have you stayed positive through the two injuries you've had?
I've looked at it as another second chance. I've kind of been able to sit back for two years now and watch the team progress and kind of see where I need to get myself ready to be. I've been in my own driver's seat and seen where I've needed to be in order to help this team (in 2005).

I've been training a lot harder. I've been able to finally get in the weightroom and get my upper body strength where it needs to be.

Q: What are you weighing these days?
About 265.

Q: Could your frame carry much more than that?
Yeah. I was up to almost 280 at the end of the season last year. I was lifting and doing no cardio. Once you add running into the mix…during the spring and at the beginning of camp I was about 270. I could probably carry 275 or 280, but I wouldn't be able to run as well as I'd like to.

Q: Tell me about CSU. What kind of challenges does their defense present for you guys?
They've lost two good players in (Ben) Stratton and (Luke) Adkins. That's kind of a bummer for them. But they're always going to come out here and give us their best shot.

The only thing we can do is go back and look at film from our game last year and some of their games from previous years and know what they're going to do, and get looks in practice so we can be ready for them.

Q: In your mind, what's CU's biggest rival these days? Is it Colorado State? Is it Nebraska? Or maybe Kansas State?
As far as leading off the season, CSU is a great game for us. It's an in-state rival. I definitely consider them a rival. And yet any game in the Big 12 North – it's one of the hardest-hitting conferences. That alone means every game is big. Coach Barnett calls them "aspirin games." You better take a couple aspirin before the game because you're going to need them.

Q: There's talk right now about the CU-CSU series. Should it continue at the college sites or move to Invesco. What's your take on that?
Personally, I like it on campuses because I think it's a better atmosphere. I know you're able to get more people in Invesco, but I almost think a smaller stadium is better than a big stadium where everybody is so spread out.

Our stadium and their stadium, they're built so the fans are right on top of you. I like that atmosphere much better.

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