Notes, Quotes and Saturday's Play of the Game

Following Saturday's 31-28 win over Colorado State, CU running back Lawrence Vickers spoke about the game and what he said to teammate Hugh Charles after a critical fumble, as well as his own contributions. Also inside, a partial list of high school prospects at the game, and other notes.

Play of the Game
There are lots of plays to choose from this week. Gerett Burl's interception, Hugh Charles' final touchdown run to give CU the lead, and of course Mason Crosby's game-winning field goal.

But because it set a tone that the Buffs eventually came back to, Lawrence Vickers' 1-yard touchdown run on a fourth down in 2nd quarter is BSN's play of the game.

The Buffs were trailing 7-3 at the time. Earlier, Colorado State's Jimmy Green had rambled through the middle of the Colorado defense for a 1-yard touchdown, giving the Rams the momentum and the lead.

CU found themselves with a first and goal from the 4, but three straight running plays netted just three yards. Coaches sent fullback Brendan Schaub into the game and moved V-back Lawrence Vickers to the tailback position for the 4th down try.

Vickers ran behind Schaub, then cut left and put CSU cornerback Robert Herbert on his backside in the end zone.

If Vickers hadn't made the play, the outcome of the game might have been different. The way Vickers dominated the defender on the play showed the Buffs meant business.

Vickers speaks about the play and other topics
"We needed it to get the team going. The ref was taking touchdowns away from us, man. It seemed like we couldn't get a break at first.

"It was a fourth down. Compliments to the O-line and Brendan Schaub. Brendan Schaub made that happen and the o-line. Actually I wasn't gonna run (Herbert) over at first until I seen him coming real fast. So I was like, ‘I'll have to show him.'

Evidently, he didn't watch the film. Why? I don't know why he did that. Maybe when he wakes up later on, you all could ask him.

Q: You said last week that you had some things to say after this game.
I do, but I'm not going to say anything. I'm going to be humble, take this victory and keep going.

Q: Can you talk about that punt play (pictured at top of story).
He was getting ready to kick it, and I was going to hit him. He started running away, so what I did is I kicked him. The kick made him stop, then everybody else was right there and they tackled him.

Q: Was that a designed play to get you an open alley to get to him?
I'm good on centers. I gotta good burst on them. And just the scheme in general helped us. I came loose one other time on the other side. I just couldn't get to him. So the second one I said, ‘I'm gonna get this one.'

Q: The offense seemed more wide open in this game than last year.
We have players that can make plays at all times. So the best thing to do is to get it to all your players. So when people look at your offense, they've got a lot of people they have to keep their eyes on. That was the main thing, get the ball in the playmakers' hands.

Q: Before your touchdown, you gestured to the sidelines.
I did this (hitting his chest). Give it to me. I felt it. It was the perfect time. I felt like me being the captain, us a team we were ready for it. We had a couple of slip ups on the plays before. But I knew it was going to be a touchdown.

I just have confidence in Brendan Schaub. Schaub pancaked the dude. I was so busy looking at Schaub pancake the dude, when I looked up I seen the corner still running. I was like, ‘All right, let me show him a little something. Let me welcome his to Colorado. He ain't had a good welcome, so I had to welcome him.

Q: What about Hugh Charles. Talk about his game.
Like I told you all before, the boy has tremendous talent, tremendous speed. When he fumbled, my main thing was to get on him, but to tell him don't let them think they've got the best of you. I said, ‘How you get them back is you go back and you score. I didn't know he was gonna score twice!

But I have the most respect and confidence in Hugh. Don't give him any lane, because it's over. That's what everybody's now seen for themselves. Making him believe that – ‘Hugh, ain't nobody can stop you.' I tell him to play like that. ‘Can't nobody touch you.'

After I talked to him, we sat down and we said a little prayer. Boom, two touchdowns; that quick. The Lord works fast, don't he?

Special Guests
Former CU quarterback John Hessler was team's honorary captain Saturday and led the Buffs out on to the field prior to kickoff. Hessler suffered a severe injury in an auto accident last year and is slowly recovering. He received a rousing ovation when he was introduced ...Five former Buffs were honored Saturday and their names and numbers were added on the outside of the press box on the west side of the stadium. The Buffs honored were John Bayuk, Don Branby, Jerry Hillebrand, Bob Stransky and John Wooten. …Kordell Stewart was in the house, as was Dick Anderson. Stewart plans to finish six credits and get his degree at CU in the spring.

Recruits in the house
Colorado had several high school recruits as guests at the game. I don't know if they were on official or unofficial visits, but among them were: Chris Guarnero, Chris Carney, Rickey Brewer, Josh Dorsey, (Mullen), Kelsey Sokoloski, Aric Goodman, Darin McDonald (Cherry Creek), Lamar West (Niwot), and Chris Jones (Poudre).

Fog in the foothills
Colorado ran out of an inflated tunnel and through a bank of fog behind Ralphie Saturday.

John Torp's 72-yarder was the team's first 70-yard plus punt since 1999 (Mike Moschetti). It was the longest of Torp's career. He finished with four punts for a 52-yard average.

Frosh see first action
True freshman LB Marcus Burton, and redshirt freshmen S Ryan Walters and OLB Brad Jones saw the first action of their careers Saturday. Jones played the most extensively of the trio, subbing for Brian Iwuh, who missed part of the game with a knee sprain.

Injury Update
OLB Brian Iwuh, sprained knee, MRI Saturday night, day to day; Thaddaeus Washington, concussion, day to day; Brian Daniels, fractured rib, questionable; Quinn Sypniewski, bruised ribs, probable; Dusty Sprague, ankle, probable.

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