Q&A with Terry Washington

Mention Miami to almost any Colorado Buffalo player or coach, and the Hurricanes' team speed quickly comes into the conversation. CU junior cornerback Terry Washington is the Buffs' fastest defensive back. After getting his first playing time of his career in the secondary against New Mexico State, Washington could be in line for more snaps on Sept. 24.

Terry Washington transferred to CU from Garden City CC this fall. The corner came off the bench and saw action for 26 snaps against New Mexico State. He also nearly broke a kickoff return, chewing up 30 yards on the run before getting tackled by the last NMSU defender.

Q: You got some pretty good playing time against New Mexico State. How did it feel to get in there and get after it?
Terry Washington:
It felt great. The best feeling in the world. I didn't get a lot of snaps the week before (against Colorado State).

Q: Do you remember your first couple plays against New Mexico State? Was it hard to block out the crowd?
It was loud. It was hard to block out the crowd. Everything was moving fast. This was before the play even started. I was just trying to get everything in my head right. It was pretty intense.

Q: Did you feel like you settled down after that?
Yeah, afterwards I settled down. I knew I would. It was just something I had to do. It comes natural.

Q: What about that kickoff return? You looked pretty good.
Besides the big hit on the sidelines, that was the best part of the game for me because I actually got a chance to touch the ball and make a big play, do something for the team and contribute.

Q: Tell me about Miami. Are you looking forward to playing that game?
If there was any game in the world to play, this would be the game I'd want to play because this is the best of the best. They've got a lot of speed, they're always ranked at the top. If we can go in and play with them, it'll be good for us.

Q: In watching film of them, what have seen about them that's going to present the biggest challenge for you all?
Speed. They run a lot of long routes and fades.

Q: Can you guys keep up with them? Every player I've talked to has said the same thing, "speed, speed, speed."
The best players learn their opponents by watching film. The speed plays a factor, but once we learn so much about them — I mean, we have speed also.

Q: What's your sense of the team's mental state? Do you guys feel confident going in there at this point?
I think we feel very confident. We're 2-0. Those were two great games for us to see where we're at. We improved from the first game to the second game. Like I said, this could be big. This will really show us where we stand — if we need to work harder or watch more film. This is it.