Fenton Talks About Matchup with Cowboys

The Buffs travel to Stillwater to open Big 12 play against Oklahoma State Saturday (Noon, MT, no TV). Inside, CU starting junior center Mark Fenton talks about the match up.

Q: What have you seen from Oklahoma State, looking at the film on them?
Mark Fenton:
They changed their defense from last year. They were running an eight-man front. Now they're playing a regular front with two deep safeties. I'm thinking if we can get our running game going early, that'll open up a lot of stuff later on.

Q: Coach Barnett was saying they reminded him of CSU, the way they blitz.
Yeah. They run a lot of the same things CSU runs. It's the same thing that our defense runs. So we've seen a lot of this stuff before. It shouldn't be too hard to adjust to it.

Q: How do you feel like the offensive line has held up —especially last week when you went into that Miami game banged up?
We're not allowed to be banged up. We don't have enough numbers to be banged up. So we have to stay healthy. We have to tough it out. It's a long season.

But we're pretty confident. We only play about six or seven players. And we're confident with whoever we put in. If one person comes out we expect the backup to play just as good or better than the starter.

Q: Barnett said they could move you to guard if need be. Have you got any snaps there yet this year? I haven't noticed.
I haven't. I do in practice every so often. But if need be, I'll go in and play guard.

Q: Your job as center against a team that blitz's a lot. Do you have to call out all that stuff?
Yeah. It's good for me to see it first. I can see a lot of stuff, but some stuff I can't see and I rely on the tackle to call it out. Stress from the boundary, I like to have the call those. He has a better eye on it.

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