CU Players Talk About Win Over Aggies

Colorado players Alex Ligon, Joe Klopfenstein, Lawrence Vickers, Hugh Charles and Abraham Wright comment on the 41-20 victory over Big 12 South opponnent Texas A&M.

Alex Ligon: Reggie McNeal is a great player and last year he absolutely killed us with his feet. We really concentrated on containing him and not allowing him to make any plays.

Joe Klopfenstein: It seemed like our running game was successful in the beginning. It's never that easy, things just popped open; wide open. Their defense over-pursued the run and we were able to get behind them.

Lawrence Vickers: It wasn't an easy win for us at all. They have a good defense, but our plan was to be physical with them. It was one of those days where we just clicked. Our eyes are on Texas now; we're just trying to knock (teams) out one by one.

Hugh Charles: This whole week during practice, we were trying to add a new dimension to the offense. Getting the ball into Byron Ellis' hands and my hands is one way to do that because we're able to make some moves after we get the ball.

With our big line pushing hard, we knew we could get them tired by pounding at them early. And then it was just a matter of taking the game over.

Joel Klatt and I discussed connecting for a play like (the touchdown in the first quarter) before the game; we decided to try and get me the ball if there was anyone but a cornerback covering me. My eyes lit up when I saw someone besides a corner on me, and it was just a matter of getting to the end zone. His leadership is so big to this team, especially this offense. Every down and every play, we rely on him to be our leader.

Abraham Wright: I think that you have to credit Coach Mike Hankwitz for what he did all week. He had us mentally prepared and all we had to do was take what he said and execute. You also have to credit the scout team because they did everything they could to make us prepared for this game.

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