Klatt: They Were Allowing Us to Throw

Colorado senior quarterback Joel Klatt talks about the CU offensive game plan in the Buffs' 41-20 win over Texas A&M.

On his growing list of quarterbacking milestones at CU
Joel Klatt: You know, it's not really anything that I think about right now. Obviously, in the future telling my sons about that some day will be special, and I'll be proud of it. But right now it's all about just running an efficient offense and trying to get the ball down the field. Moving the chains and putting us in a position where we can score.

I thought we played a tremendous game on offense tonight. Obviously our defense has been very consistent. And the type of defense they played came against a very good offense and very good offensive player (Reggie McNeal).

Q: When you first saw the game plan and saw how much passing was involved, did that get you excited?
The game plan wasn't that much different than any other game plan, in terms of more passing. You get into the flow of the game and you see exactly what the defensive structures are going to be; you see exactly what they're going to do. They were just allowing us to throw the ball. Especially after we got down the field a little bit on the first series. We were then able to play action quite a bit and get our tight ends open.

Q: Coach Barnett said he thought you got in a zone tonight.
Yeah, it was a little bit easier to focus with the Red Sox being out of the playoffs. (laughter). No, our offense, we knew we wanted to tempo their defense and really get them up here at altitude, get them breathing hard. I thought that we did that. So when we're playing in that kind of fast tempo, it's more on the shoulders of the quarterback to orchestrate everything, make sure the formations are right.

I relish those opportunities. I like playing in the two-minute drill, the hurry up offense. So I think that – after the early passes being complete, I kind of had a good rhythm.

Q: Is there a momentum when you come out and see just how wide open everybody is?
Absolutely. We knew exactly what we had. Most of the time we had some schemes where we knew exactly where we could throw the football. When you know that, and you can take that into every series, it's very relieving. You can just go out there and execute rather than try and make plays.

Q: Is this the offense you've been waiting to see?
Absolutely. I've seen the potential of this offense ever since last spring. We've been just fighting that consistency bug early in the season. And you saw tonight we really put some drives together and not shoot ourselves in the foot.

I think we've moved the ball pretty much every week like we did tonight. But tonight we were just more focused on the details, and we didn't stall out our drives and were able to put the ball in the end zone.

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