Watson: We Wanted to be Aggressive

Colorado offensive coordinator had a lot to feel good after CU racked up 559 yards and 41 points on Texas A&M Saturday. Inside, Watson talks about the emerging personality of the CU offense, and some the offensive playmakers.

Q: How early did you see you were going to be able to throw the ball like that against them?
Shawn Watson:
That was the plan going in, to go after them, be aggressive, push the ball down the field, create (favorable) matchups by formation, play actions. Just structure more than anything else. We got what we thought we were going to get.

Q: What was clicking for Joel Klatt tonight that maybe wasn't in previous games?
I just think we got him in a rhythm. That's the guy that I know. He got in a good rhythm.

I just made a comment to our coaching staff: Our personality as it's developing, fits that style of play, where you're in and out of all kinds of different stuff. Changing the tempos up. That's who I believe we are.

Q: Is it fair to say you saw this coming?
I don't know that I saw this coming. You could say I was dreaming (of it). They're a very good football team. You just go in with a plan. We wanted to stay aggressive and just let our guys go. Our guys were ready to play this game. There was electricity in this building on Monday. All I cared about was giving them an opportunity.

Q: You talk about Joel's rhythm, what's it like for you when you're calling a game in the booth? When it's working like this, are you in a rhythm too?
Yeah, I'm in a rhythm. Absolutely. It's a lot of us being in a rhythm. One feeds off the other. I like that kind of game, that kind of style. Being in and out of stuff, being aggressive.

Q: Is Hugh Charles becoming a guy who defensive coordinators are going to have to worry about? Are they going to have to start game planning for him?
I hope so. I hope so, because it adds to Klop, it adds to Quinn, the receivers. We want people to have to defend the five guys touching the football. We have to every week develop their roles and create matchups.

We've been doing the same stuff with Hugh since Week 1. But he's becoming more confident with what his role is and what we're doing. He's a remarkable player. I said in Week 1, we've done more with him and Byron Ellis than any tailbacks we've had in seven years. That's all that stuff we're doing on the perimeter, and letting him use his 4.3 speed. He's handled it.

Shawn Simms has done a great job of teaching.

Q: That quick hitter to Lawrence. Is that something you thought would work specifically for this game?
No, we are just trying to create ways to get Lawrence more touches, and more versatility in our run game with him. So we added that trap play.

Q: There was one time when you went to that wide screen to Charles, then went right back to it on the other side. Did you go in thinking you could get them two in a row?
I just saw that we had some things where we could make some plays on the perimeter. I wanted to make them defend perimeter. And then when you defend the perimeter, you create run opportunities.

(A&M is) good, and they're well coached. So I'm really proud of the way our players executed or plan.

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