Five Star Hill Gives Thoughts on Visit

It is not very often that Colorado hosts a five-star football recruit, so when they do, you would expect the red carpet to be rolled out. Derrick Hill felt he was treated real well on his trip to Boulder and he is excited about the playing opportunities that exist at his position. We get the full recap with the Oakland McClymonds star.

Height: 6-3 1/2
Weight: 280
40 time: 5.2
Bench: 375
Squat: 550
Clean: 245
Vertical: 25 1/2"
From: Oakland, California
High School: McClymonds

"It went real well," said Derrick Hill about his CU visit. "I didn't know what to expect going in with it being my first visit. I wish I could have gone on Friday so I had two nights there instead of one. I didn't get to come in until Saturday around noon. The coaches were able to push my flight back a couple of hours on the return so I could stay a little longer. The game was great. The fans really played a big role in the win and they were all very nice to me."

The coaches told Hill how bad they needed a player like him on the defensive line. "The playing time there is no joke. They have like three guys at the position that are graduating and not much going on behind that. That is a real positive going for Colorado."

Coach Inge spoke with him at length. "Inge is a good dude. He put together a package of expectations he wants from his players and I really liked it. There are a lot more positives than negatives at Colorado. They have a good defense there and not only do they say they want me, they say I am needed."

Hill was hosted on the visit by McClymonds alum, Tyrone Henderson. "I had a good time with him. He was cool to hang out with."

The defensive tackle arrived at the same time as Dorsey defensive end, Keith Browner. Dorsey and McClymonds played a couple weeks ago in a Dorsey win. Browner and Hill had to run a little smack about the game. "We were standing there with the coaches and they were talking about how they didn't expect to blow out A&M like that and Keith was saying it reminded him of when we played a couple weeks ago. I had to set him straight by saying 'what did you do?' and he didn't have any response for that. I asked him how many times his name was called during the game because I didn't remember hearing it once. It is cool to talk about your team if they win, but he was acting like he actually had something to do with it. So I had to get on him for that."

Hill says despite their disagreement, the two hit it off and are real cool with each other.

The defensive tackle says he will definitely take all his visits before committing anywhere and has remaining trips scheduled with Cal, Oregon, Arizona, and USC.

McClymonds got their revenge against by L.A. last week beating Crenshaw 14-8.

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