Patrick Williams Talks Texas

Colorado redshirt-freshman receiver Patrick Williams talks about playing Texas in Austin.

Colorado redshirt-freshman receiver Patrick Williams is a respectful young man, who sometimes says what he intends to say in as few words as possible. He grew up in DeSoto, Texas, three hours north of Austin, where he and his teammates will play the Texas Longhorns this Saturday (1:30 p.m., MT, ABC).

Here's what Williams had to say after Tuesday's practice about what's ahead.

Q: This will be your first time playing college football in your home state. Any special meaning for you?
Patrick Williams:
Just that family and friends live close, and a lot of them might be at the game. But it's just like playing CSU out at our field, though. It's just like CSU.

Q: Did you grow up following certain Texas teams?
When Ricky Williams was at the University of Texas, I kind of liked them then. But I was really a Florida State fan growing up.

Q: You've been here a season and a half. Where do the better players come from, Texas or California?
I think we both bring something to the table. I think it's a split. I can't really say Texas players are better or California players are better.

Q: So I can't get you to talk any smack?
(laughs) Nah.

Q: What do you see from the Longhorns' defense that impresses you?
As a unit, their secondary is their strong point, I believe. Other than Miami, they're probably the second fastest group we'll go against. Everything's going to have to be detailed to the "T."

Q: Jumping on that, how do you attack a defense like theirs?
You go right at them. There's no running around them. You attack and go right at them all game long.

Q: Do you think you'll be in the game plan this week?
I expect to be.

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