Barnett Impressed with Jayhawks' Defense

Colorado football coach Gary Barnett met with members of the media for his weekly press conference Tuesday. Inside, Barnett talks about the Buffs' challenges as they try and put the loss to Texas behind them and focus on Kansas.

On the Texas game
Gary Barnett:
I'm glad that's over. We'll go on to Kansas. (The game) was really well played by Texas. A game like that, you always go in worrying about your team and not theirs. I should have worried more about my team. Texas did a great job, but we did a lot of things that didn't give ourselves a chance (to win). On the first drive out of 15 plays, we had seven critical errors on the defensive side. You don't give yourself a chance when that kind of stuff happens. We were a completely different team out there than the team that played the week before (and beat Texas A&M 42-20). We now have to decide which one of those teams we are. We didn't do enough things right to find out if we are good enough to play with Texas, and that is not taking anything away from Texas.

On the possibility of meeting Texas again in the Big 12 championship game
It would be one thing to have gone to Texas, played well and not won — then we would want another chance. At this point we are just trying to re-gather ourselves and start the march to even put ourselves in that position. We have to be a batter team and be more consistent if we want to get another shot at Texas. I'm not saying we don't want to play Texas again, but I think everybody is just focused on getting things fixed right now.

On Kansas
This is a critical game for us, it's a huge game for us — absolutely a must-win. We're playing against a team that is 3-3 with a defense as good as we saw last week (against Texas). It will be a huge challenge for us on offense to move the ball. The thing you worry about with Kansas is that they have really good personnel on offense, but they've just shot themselves in the foot in their last three games. They need a conference win, so this becomes a huge game for them to the point where they are going to do anything they can to win the game. We have to cover every single scenario.

They are on the verge of getting everything straightened out. We have to go out and play our game. They are really good on special teams, probably as good as Texas (cornerback/wide receiver) (Charles) Gordon is a heck of a player on offense defense or special teams. This is one of those teams where I'm glad we're playing them at home. We are going to need our crowd and we are going to need our students. I do believe our guys will bounce back. I think they really disappointed themselves (against Texas) and the way they represented everybody, and we want to atone for that. We had a good practice (Monday), and I am looking forward to getting back on track and playing our game. But we are going to have to play really well to beat these guys.‰

On the KU defense
They are great against the run. Their linebackers and their front are very solid. They run to the ball well. (Linebacker) Nick Reid is the leading tackler in the league. They have a lot of confidence. They have given up a few yards in the secondary, but overall, defensively, they are as solid up front as any team we have played against, and that includes Texas and Miami.

Anybody who came play good defense has a chance in every game. That's why defense is so critical. Anyone can get hot on offense, but if you can play consistently well on defense you always have a chance.

On the Kansas offense
They have struggled making big plays. They do a lot of different things on offense, and fortunately we have the motivation of last week's embarrassment on our side. Everybody wants to play better and be the team we were for the first five games. (Quarterback) Brian Luke runs well and he is accurate (with his throws). He has made some big mistakes but he can certainly be a good quarterback; he is starting for a reason. I have a feeling we may see someone else — just the way (Kansas head coach) Mark (Mangino) is talking, we are fully prepared to see Luke or (quarterback) Jason Swanson.

On Terry Washington starting in place of injured CB Lorenzo Sims
We have played him in every game and he's played a lot. I think he is ready. It's his first starting role and that is why he came here. He certainly has the tools to be there. He's been a playmaker even in the limited role he's played for us. He stripped the ball last Saturday and recovered it, allowing us to score.

On Vance Washington
We are going to look at some special teams opportunities for him and try to get him ready to be our fifth cornerback in case we need him. Offensively, I don't know if we will have any opportunities for him.

On CU's rash of penalties this fall
You work not to have them, but it's part of the game. If you look at the three most penalized teams in the conference, it's Texas Tech, Colorado and Texas. We are all trying to get rid of penalties, but in the big picture, it probably doesn't mean all that much. Scoring, scoring defense and turnovers are critical for winning the game. You have to eliminate penalties to give yourself a better chance, but sometimes you just have to live with them.

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