Stronger Arrington Hopes to Contribute More

Lamont Arrington started last season playing double-digit minutes. He found himself in the starting lineup in December when Julius Ashby went down with an injury. But the 6-11 center hit a wall when conference play came around in January, and his playing time plummeted. A solid offseason of strength and conditioning work has Arrington anxious to contribute more in 2005-06.

Arrington played 10 minutes or more in just three conference games last season. He averaged just 1.9 points and 1.4 rebounds per game. The season was an eye-opener for the lanky juco transfer, who found it tough going in the paint, especially as the season wore on.

With Ashby out once again for the semester, this time with grade issues, the Buffs will need Arrington to contribute on the low blocks, especially as a rebounder and defender.

Arrington played most of last year at around 200 pounds. Right now, he's up close to 230 as CU prepares for its exhibition opener in early November.

Q: Tell me about your offseason?
Lamont Arrington:
My offseason went very well. I worked very hard to gain some weight. Worked on my game. I'd say my offseason was one of the best one's I ever had.

Q: How much weight did you gain?
About 25 pounds.

Q: How did you go about doing that?
Mainly, I thought I was eating a lot when I really wasn't. I talked with Allison (Maurer), the nutritionist (in the athletic department). She wrote a plan out for me and I followed it. It was tough at times though. You've really got to stress eating every two-and-a-half or three hours. After a while you get pretty full.

Q: What did you do to work on your game?
I did a lot of individual stuff in the summer. We went down to the Denver League and I worked on different parts of my game, saw what I could do. As I played with the guys, we would all talk to each other afterwards. I'd get a feel of what I needed to work on and I'd do the same for them.

Q: Who plays in the Denver League?
Some guys from Denver University, a couple of guys from overseas. There weren't any NBA guys. Chauncey (Billups) came by but he didn't play this year.

Q: If you were going to give a guy like Dominique Coleman some advice, him coming in as a transfer in his first year, what would you tell him?
First of all, I'd let him know coming out of junior college to a major level, the competition is completely different. Junior college is totally different. It's 180 degrees different. I'd tell him to keep working on his game and listen to the coaches. Because they know. And listen to the guys, too, because we've been through the fire a little bit. And keep in your mind that coming out of junior college, even though you did so well, you've still got to pick it up in the Big 12.

Q: Who were the toughest guys you had to go against last year in the Big 12?
Taj Gray, Andrew Bogut, Wayne Simeon, all the Kansas bigs. The Nebraska guys, they were just real strong. We matched them pretty good on skill, but they were just stronger. Linas Kleiza was pretty tough at times. And the guy from Kansas State, Jeremiah Massey.

Q: How anxious are you to get out there and see how this new and improved body of yours does against competition?
I'm real anxious. Being stronger helps me with my wind, and it actually helps you to be able to compete all around. I'm anxious to see what I can do against Big 12 teams, and in these (non-conference) games.

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