Gary Barnett Postgame Comments

Colorado head coach Gary Barnett's postgame comments, following CU's 23-20 win over Kansas State in Manhattan.

Opening Comments
Gary Barnett: K-State played really valiantly and that quarterback is going to be a heck of a player.

We made so many mistakes today that we were lucky to win the game, but we had just enough in us and we have two great kickers and some special teams that have been with us and helping us for two years. Sometimes it just comes down to that and you have to use all your weapons.

I don't know how many dropped passes and how many blitzes we missed and how many whatever, but on offense it sure seemed like a lot. You come into a hostile environment and you play a team that's ready to play and your team makes a lot of mistakes and you still win, you've got to be real thankful and feel real fortunate and we do.

More on special teams
What do you say about Mason Crosby. I don't usually lose six yards so you can kick a 50-whatever yard field goal; but the kid – he's a stud. That whole team just made a play and we made a play on punt team. We've been talking all week – we had not made a turnover and we needed to get a turnover. We picked a timely time to do that.

On QB Joel Klatt losing six yards in two plays prior to Crosby's final kick
The intent wasn't to lose six, it was just to move the ball to the middle. We were going to kick it on third down and we had a timeout left and we left 11 seconds left on the clock – we had absolutely perfect time management there. If there's a muffed snap, we could call a timeout and still kick it. It worked just the way we've been working it in practice and every once in a while that happens.

On the 11 CU penalties, a troubling trend for the Buffs
We had a lot of them. I don't know what to say about penalties anymore. The ones that we commit, by-gosh we need to be penalized for them, I don't know what to say about the others. I don't know anymore, that's a lot of penalties.

On the windy conditions
It actually didn't affect us as much on offense as it did the kicking game. Joel still threw the ball pretty well. I don't think it affected us a lick on offense, it didn't change our play calling at all.

It changes your mentality out there. There's no question when you're going into that wind you think a little different, I don't mean with the play calling, but it's a grind and you don't want to punt the ball. You want to get the third quarter over in our case. We ran a couple plays to do that and they called a timeout so that we'd have to punt into it and fortunately we were able to pick it up with a fake punt. It affects the kicking game and your decisions there not so much your offense.

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