CU Players React to Win at K-State

Colorado players talk about the game after winning 23-20 over Kansas State on the road.

Punter John Torp
On dealing with the high winds

I knew even when warming up that the wind was going to have an effect. If you don't have a perfect spiral when kicking into the wind, the wind just pushes the ball right back. It's something that you just have to focus really hard on and it's a good thing that our defense was playing really well and we weren't backed up too far.

On the final punt
Well, we knew they were going to try to come after it so we had to make sure the protection was there and luckily the wind was at my back. Moreira mishandled it a little bit and we took advantage of it and it was a huge play.

Placekicker Mason Crosby
On his winning field goal from 50 yards out

It was unfortunate that one of (Kansas State's) players (returner Jermaine Moreira) got hurt; we really felt bad for him. We just had a lot of time to think about it.

(The kick) kind of seemed unreal once it finally happened because all the time that passed. I just went out there and everything was perfect: snap, hold, blocking. My teammates make it easy on me for doing that.

On his missed field goal in the first quarter
It was mostly my fault. I just left it out. I really didn't give it much chance. The wind was crossing that way and I didn't take good enough steps for it.

Tight End Quinn Sypniewski
On seeing Jermaine Moreira injured on the field

You know, you never want to see that. I saw him kind of give a thumbs-up to the crowd as he was going off the field. We all applauded him, but not only do you hate to see that but you also hate to see the game stopped in such a fashion. It's hard to come back and run another play after you just see a guy get carted off the field. So it's definitely not a fun situation for either team.

Cornerback Lorenzo Sims
On the pass interference call during the game

I read it all the way. I was just getting ready for the interception. I was just waiting on it and he cut right in front of me and obviously we made contact. With the pass interference call I guess my hands were on him while the ball was in the air. It was a play I saw coming all the way.

Quarterback Joel Klatt
On losing six yards to prepare for the field goal

Well, at that point we knew we were in range, obviously, with Mason. You guys have seen him kick all year. He was pretty confident. He just wanted it in the middle of the field, so that's what we were going to do. We thought we might as well take all the variables out of the equation.

On preparing for overtime
We were going to try to get Mason as close as we could to try a field goal with the leg he has. It didn't work out. We didn't move the ball and at that point, we were just kind of punting away and hoping they don't block it or something screwy happens. Fortunately something screwy happened for us. Unfortunately #10 was on the field for a long time and obviously we all hope he's going to be OK.

(Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder had no update on Moreira's condition directly following the game.)

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