Sims Feeling Best He Has All Season

Starting junior cornerback Lorenzo Sims had surgery to clear up a lingering knee injury Oct. 17 and recovered in time to play in the win over Kansas State. Inside, Sims talks about how his knee is feeling, and about defending Missouri and quarterback Brad Smith.

Q: Tell me about playing on Saturday. Obviously, you got back pretty quickly from your surgery.
Lorenzo Sims:
It felt pretty good in practice. It felt good Wednesday (before the game). On Thursday, it was kind of sore, but nothing traumatic that would keep me out.

I expected to play. (On Saturday) I was ready, I was getting it loose. The first couple of plays, it felt kind of tight, but as the game went on it loosened up. I felt the best I've felt all season.

Q: Because of having it all cleared out?
Yeah. Because I tore it during camp. Coming into the CSU game, it was a problem, a little bit.

Q: Explain the surgery to me.
They had to clean it out. I tore my meniscus, so there was cartilage floating around in my knee. It was causing swelling, and I didn't have full motion in my knee.

Q: How does it feel today?
It feels good. It didn't swell after the game. There's no pain right now. So I'm feeling real good.

Q: You've got Missouri and Brad Smith coming in. What kind of challenge does he pose to the secondary?
He's a runner. He likes scrambling. That means we have to stay in coverage because of the receivers changing their routes (if Smith scrambles). He's hard to take down. We'll all just have to play our part in the defense and try not to try to make plays that aren't ours. I think we'll be all right if we just contain him.

Q: He's deceptively strong, isn't he?
He's strong; he's got good feet. And like I say, he don't wanna go down. But he doesn't want to take too many hits. So maybe if we lay a hit on him a couple times, he might think it's better to stay in the pocket.

Q: What's the biggest difference between Brad Smith, Reggie McNeal and Vince Young?
They're all similar. Vince Young just has more playmakers around him.

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